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III Points Open House Aims to Uncover New Miami Talent

Miami-based musician Poorgrrrl performing at III Points 2017.
Miami-based musician Poorgrrrl performing at III Points 2017. Photo by Amadeus McCaskill
click to enlarge Miami-based musician Poorgrrrl performing at III Points 2017. - PHOTO BY AMADEUS MCCASKILL
Miami-based musician Poorgrrrl performing at III Points 2017.
Photo by Amadeus McCaskill
For the past five years, the effervescent music, art, and technology festival III Points has showcased both homegrown and internationally acclaimed acts. This past May, the festival announced it would skip 2018 and return in February 2019.

And this time around, the organizers are doing things a bit differently.

For the first time, III Points is giving local bands and producers with original music the opportunity to perform at its III Points Open House. Winners may hit the stages of the festival next February.

But hurry. Today, July 27, is the deadline to apply.

III Points cofounder and Space co-owner David Sinopoli says, "Between what I do at Floyd and Space and the Ground and between what I used to do at Bardot, I'm pretty tied in with a lot of Miami-based electronic music and live music. However... there's probably a bunch of shit I don't know about this city, and we want to give a chance to hear it all."

While the festival is casting a wide net, Sinopoli already has a handful of Miami-based acts that are set to play the festival.

Among the things Sinopoli will be looking for are fringe artists, including some he has seen before, but "we're going to put them on a big stage, so we want to make sure they're ready."  

From III Points' inception, the festival has championed local musicians and artists. Its exponential growth and quality rosters have become a badge of pride for this burgeoning town. This year, III Points was dubbed by New Times the best music festival in Miami.

Sinopoli says III Points was started to show the world that Miami listens to more than just EDM. "We just want to grow that mission and keep that mission updated and fresh and as honest and true as we can be."

Bands and producers who are interested in performing at III Points 2019 should email iiipointsopenhouse@gmail.com. III Points will listen to all submissions and slot acts that pique their interest. There will be three III Points Open House dates: August 16, August 23, and August 30. Afterward, the team will select acts to perform in a limited amount of spots at III Points 2019. The open house will be open to the public.

Sinopoli encourages everyone to apply. He says, "The evolution of a musician's work is more important to us than just the one-time performance. We would want to stay up to date with them as we go." He later adds, "If you don't get picked, it's not a reason to not keep creating. It's such a sensitive thing. At the same time being a curator of these things you don't want to say, 'Oh, we didn't choose you so your shit sucks.' That's not the case. It might not just be what works for this year's lineup."

III Points Open House.
Thursday, August 16; Thursday, August 23; and Thursday, August 30, at Floyd. 34 NE 11th St., Miami; 786-618-9447; iiipoints.com. Email iiipointsopenhouse@gmail.com for more information. Deadline to submit is Friday, July 27.
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