Ice Cream and Their Freaky Friends Want to Warehouse Pollo with You

Out on the winding, gothic highways of America, there are many strange, unnatural beings traveling through the darkness in search of fresh meat and virgin blood. The hunger must be sated. The night is lonely.

In general, it's hard to quantify those evil legions. But whenever you work out the numbers, add a few extra heads to the count. Why? Because local punked-out psychedelicists Ice Cream will be hitting the road real soon, taking their deep, deranged, demon-channeling show to various distant points along the interstate system from Miami to Manhattan. Indeed ... The Ice Cream truck will be haunted and you could end up inside it.

Until then, though, tomorrow's gonna be your last chance to mingle with this doom-pop cult before they trek off into the night. It's something called Warehouse Pollo ... Expect an EP full of new Ice Cream singalongs titled "At Least You're Not Hitler." Expect a keg and other nefarious substances. Expect fresh meat and virgin blood.

Now, a final secret message from Ice Cream via Facebook: "Get ready to say goodbye, bitches."

With Flower Flower, Necrofabulous, and Coyotes. Saturday, June 12. El Warehouse, 6502 NE 2nd Ct., Miami. Show starts at 9 p.m., and it's free. Warehouse Pollo on Facebook.

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