Frantik's "Eye of the Beholder" Is That Rare Rap Cut That's Intelligent, Rough, and Bold

Frantik continues to impress with intelligent rhymes that draw on theology, positive thinking, introspection, and different types of consciousness. Not that there isn't a rough streak in here.

You can feel it the same way that you've felt the steady rise of ire in the face of extreme stupidity. Remember that professor who couldn't understand why you didn't get it and his eyes would get wider and wider and his skin would get redder and redder?

That's what's happening here. You can feel Frantik losing his patience with the stupidity and blindness of the humans who surround him. We're steadily falling deeper and deeper into a hole where education and individual thought is not prized but rather ridiculed and disrespected.

Frantik's already proven in my opinion that he can tackle difficult and even highly debatable subject matter with tracks such as "Banned From the Bible". But light touches like the romantic, pseudo-Spanish guitar riffs throughout this new track, "Eye of the Beholder," add an awesome layer of spirituality and openness. Sweet.

Download: Frantik's "Eye of the Beholder"

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Abel Folgar