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Feed Me Quits EDM: "It's a Fun Social Experience, But Not Art"

Feed Me is a genius.

In a bold move that shows wisdom, courage, soul, and respect for his craft, the beloved dubstep and hard electro DJ and producer announced his departure from the scene via Twitter, effectively quitting EDM.

Citing the current scene's lack of creativity and meaning, Feed Me leaves fans disappointed and confused. But he's got Crossfade's virtual high-five for doing the right thing. We'd even say he's a hero.

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The resignation speech came in the form of six consecutive tweets, which reveal the sequence of events and experiences that led to his decision. The 140-character messages are a snapshot of a man coming to terms with underwhelming surroundings. Also, we'll just point out that his Facebook's "About" reads simply "outrageously bleak."

Now a lot of people may be upset that Feed Me claims DJing isn't an "art," but look at the situation from his point of view.

Every night he tries to put himself out there as an artist. Meanwhile, he's looking at a sea of faces who don't even understand what he's doing and are probably too fucked up to care. On top of that, he's performing in some absurd, giant, glowing mouth that takes all emphasis away from his craft and plants it on a pretty distraction meant for people on drugs.

We won't put words in Feed Me's giant glowing mouth. But we applaud him for this move. The scene is a festering pile of bullshit, and he can see through it. He wants to create beauty in the world that will fulfill his needs and last decades, and EDM just isn't doing it anymore.

We'll concede that we believe DJing can be an art, but 95 percent of these "DJs" are nothing but gimmicky hacks. As an artist, you should substract the glitz, the lasers, and the substance abuse, and if what's left is nothing but emptiness, something is seriously wrong.

It's time to walk away. Kudos to Feed Me for the honesty and the courage to be himself in the face of success.

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