Fat Joe Says He's Selling His Mansion to Get the Hell Out of West Broward

​Can you blame him? Fat Joe is seen around Miami all the time, but when he's in South Florida, he doesn't actually sleep in the 305. Instead, he's been living like a king out in the western edge of Plantation. And now, apparently, he's tired of it, and as we reported here before, has listed his 5,342-square-foot home for sale at $1,999,999 (take off that last dollar for savings!).

News of the sale, though, got people yapping that maybe he isn't doing so well financially -- a rumor that Jose quickly put to rest the other day, speaking to AllHipHop. He's doing fine, thankyouverymuch. He's just sick of Plantation, he told the site:

"Yea you know my wife she wants to move back towards the beach, we out a little west in the suburbs so you know."

While he considers a move east of I-95, he's still wrapping up the final touches on his new album, The Darkside, said to be a return to classic hip-hop form. It's due in July, and features production by such greats as Premier and Just Blaze, as well as current Miami-based kings Cool and Dre.

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