Drake, Cash Money Records Being Sued for Copyright Infringement By ... Playboy?

We love a good lawsuit just as much as the next person, but we never thought we'd utter these words: Drake is being sued by Playboy?

The rapper -- who caused riots in New York City just a few weeks ago when he scheduled a free concert with Hanson at the South Street Seaport -- apparently sampled parts of a 1975 song owned by Playboy in his hit single "Best I Ever Had." Unfortunately he never asked permission, making sweet old Hef a little upset. 

Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds' super-cheesy love song "Fallin' in Love" is the song in question, and according to court papers Playboy Enterprises filed on June 25 in California, they claim:

"Best I Ever Had" has been an enormous commercial success and Drake, his labels and his distributors "either knew or should have reasonably known" that it samples Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds' ballad "Fallin' in Love."

Playboy's even gone so far as to suggest that Drake's success is due in part to the alleged song sampling. Further, they're not only trying to sue Drake, but Cash Money Records, Universal Music Group, and Universal Music Group Distribution for copyright infringement. Playboy Enterprises is seeking damages in the lawsuit and "asks that all infringing works be recalled and destroyed."

We took a listen to the original, and barring both songs' opening bass riffs, we don't hear any other huge resemblances. Listen to both below and tell us: What do you think?

Drake's "Best I ever had"

Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds' "Fallin' in Love"

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