Deadmau5 Releases NeffMau5, an EDM Clothing Line, Becomes Rat King of Hoodies

Don't you want to dress like Joel Zimmerman?

The skinny, mouthy man -- better known as Deadmau5 -- is the EDM rat king of hoodies, baggy shirts, and baseball caps. And now you can cop some official Mau5-approved clothes.

Teaming up with sporty, punky streetwear brand Neff, Zimmerman has created an exclusive line of hoodies, shirts, and caps called NeffMau5, combining the company's signature Suckerface design with the rodent's trademark ears.

It's the first line in a two-year collaboration. See the cut for pics of Mario Mau5 hats, Radder tees, Icon hoodies, and other beat-freaking swag.

"I love the street and snowboard scene," Deadmau5 said in an official statement on Neff's blog. "The people involved are the people I see at my shows, so it made sense to hook up with a cool company like Neff to work on a collaboration. Plus, it was easy to put ears on the Neff face for an instantly legit logo, right?"

For now, only the shirts seem to be available in online stores. They come in a variety of colors and designs, like the 1-Up Neffmau5 play on Mario and a colorful Neff face with Mau5 head, and go for about $24.

The collection hits stores today. So keep an eye out for the ears when you hit the streets.

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