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Airbnb Gives Bad Bunny Fans the Chance to Book a Stay on His Tour Truck

A few lucky Bad Bunny fans can book a night in the reggaeton star's very own tour bus.
Book a night on Bad Bunny's tour truck.
Book a night on Bad Bunny's tour truck. Photo by Eric Rojas
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Last week, in a partnership with Airbnb, reggaeton music star Bad Bunny announced that a few lucky fans can book a night on his very own tour bus following the closing of his latest tour in Miami.

Before you get your hopes up, no, you won't get to cuddle with Benito in an itsy-bitsy bunk bed, nor will a bump in the road serendipitously toss you two to the ground into a passionate smooch like in the rom-com movies. While you'll be able to brag to your friends that you technically occupied the same space, you won't get to meet Bad Bunny.

Those unfortunate truths aside, fans are still in for "la oportunidad de sus vidas," says Airbnb spokesperson Haven Thorn.

True fans will recognize the 53-foot semi (more a tour truck than a tour bus), complete with chrome flames and a "YHLQMDLG" license plate, from the cover of Bad Bunny's El Ultimo Tour del Mundo album. It was detailed by West Coast Customs, the car-customization company famed from MTV's Pimp My Ride.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, trucks have taken on a sort of symbolism for Bad Bunny: His father was a truck driver and — spoiler alert — he uses one as his stage for the opening songs of the show.
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Bad Bunny's tour truck was customized by West Coast Customs.
Photo by Eric Rojas
The semi's interior has been "designed to meet the needs of a guest stay," Thorn says, perhaps code for having had a facelift especially for this Airbnb rollout. Its look, too, hits close to home, inspired by some of Bad Bunny's music videos and his hometown of Vaga Baja, Puerto Rico.

"Being on tour has reconnected me with my fans and the energy they give me during each show in every city we visit is incredible," Bad Bunny said in a statement. "I'm hoping that by hosting guests in my truck I can give them a chance to feel like they're on tour with me. This truck has played such a big role in the concept of my tour and my last album that I want to share this unique experience with them."

Even if it doesn't look exactly like it did for him during the tour, let's be honest, celebrities as big as San Benito don't usually spend their time between cities on their buses, anyway — they hop on a private jet.

The big rig's doors will open for three individual one-night stays on April 6, 7, and 8 with up to two guests each for $91 — an ode to Bad Bunny being dubbed Spotify's most-streamed artist in 2021 at 9.1 billion streams.
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The interior of the Bad Bunny tour truck
Photo by Christian Torres
The stay includes VIP tickets to one of the sold-out concerts this weekend (though lodging and travel costs aren't covered for any time before the truck stay), a prerecorded greeting from Bad Bunny upon arrival, a photo shoot inside the truck, and a driving tour of Bad Bunny's favorite Miami spots.

Though the Airbnb spokesperson says this is not a contest, you'll need some luck to score a stay. On Tuesday, March 29, at 1 p.m. ET, fans 18 and older with a verified Airbnb profile can request to book the truck at and will be asked to describe what brings you to Miami (if you aren't a local) and who'll be joining you.

Keep in mind that if you do manage to book it, upon check-in you'll need to present a negative COVID-19 test dated within 72 hours of the stay.

The Airbnb spokesperson wouldn't disclose the exact location where the truck will be while guests are staying in it but said it would be "parked on a private lot with 24-hour security on site."

As part of the partnership, Airbnb said it will make a one-time donation of an undisclosed amount to the Fundación Good Bunny, an organization started by Benito himself that supports youth arts and sports initiatives in Puerto Rico.
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