Big Freedia's Booty-Shakin' Bounce Party at Bardot Miami

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Bounce, a subgenre of rap, is as much an underground social movement as it is a musical one. The latest of its kind to come out of New Orleans.

It began at the street level in the housing projects around New Orleans, it remained been hidden from the mainstream for decades, and it took a devastating natural disaster -- Hurricane Katrina -- to bring this to national attention.

These days, with a non-stop touring schedule, her own reality show, even an upcoming book, Freedia just might be the ambassador of bounce.

Freedia started the show a bit later than expected.

She apparently skipped the sound check earlier in the evening, and not knowing where the equipment had been placed, tripped over a monitor as she was approaching the carpet stage to begin her set.

She fell flat on the floor, later remarking, "That was the first time in 15 years that's happened!"

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