Bieber Threatened by Miami Photog With "Dire Consequences" Over Stolen Camera Gear

The proof's in the pudding, and the proof for the paparazzi is on the tape.

Remember that angry Miami photographer, Jeffrey Binion, who's suing Justin Bieber for allegedly assaulting him and stealing his sim card outside of the Hit Factory recording studio on South Beach?

Well, another Miami photog, Gustavo Garces, is also getting litigious with the Biebz, according to TMZ, objecting to JB screaming, "Get that fucking camera outta here!" and snatching away his camera gear.

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"I respectfully demand the immediate return of the camera memory card which was removed by Mr. Bieber from a camera belonging to Mr. Garces," reads a letter sent to the singer by the photographer's lawyer.

"The memory card which Justin Bieber removed and kept from my client constitutes evidence as clearly defined and thus must be preserved. There are dire consequences for the spoliation of evidence under Florida Law."

Two weeks ago, a recording of the confrontation between the Bieber and Garces surfaced, taken by some bystander, on which the photographer can be heard begging JB not to take his stuff, to which the Biebs responds, "I'm gonna give you your camera back. I'm gonna take your SIM card, though."

It seems the photographer has a strong sense of his right to property and privacy. Ironic much? We'll have to see what kind of evidence turns up on the memory card, if Bieber and his bodyguards didn't just throw it away.

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