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Beats, Booze, and Bargains at Contesta Rock Hair Happy Hour

Every Wednesday, Contesta Rock Hair, a salon sitting on South Beach's charming Española Way, offers more than just cuts and up-dos.

In association with LINK, one of the companies dominating Miami's dance music party scene, the Italian-owned salon hosts a happy hour from 6 to 10 p.m. with music by LINK resident DJs, 15 percent off all services, and -- most enticing -- alcoholic drinks gratuitos, i.e. Italian for free. Getting a hair cut while buzzed and being blasted by heavy basslines sounds like our kind of shindig.

With sister locations in New York, Rome, Florence and Shanghai, Contesta Rock Miami has been open since 1999. The global chain takes on events not only relating to music, but also fashion, art, and anything trendy. And the Miami partnership between salon owner Fabio Moretti and fellow Italian David Link was forged years ago on the Miami party circuit. Happy hour Wednesdays at Contesta Rock is the combined effort of Moretti and Link to bring us some midweek style, alcohol, and underground music.

"I believe that LINK does the best party music right now in South Beach" Moretti said. "That's why we stick with them."

In an effort to show us what they're really about, Moretti pulled out a few photos of some fine Contesta Rock hairstyles.

1. The Grunge Look

These looks take us back to the '90s when Pauly Shore curls and Kurt Cobain grease saturated music videos.

2. The Classy Look

These are styles that go well with a pair of patent leather oxfords -- clean, chic, and rather snazzy.

3. The Trendy Look

Just the model's faces scream trendy. But the pink and baby blue tips are funky enough to rock with MC Hammer pants.

Contesta Rock Hair Happy Hour. Every Wednesday. Contesta Rock Hair, 417 Española Way, Miami Beach. Happy hour begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 10. Visit

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