Aqua Beach Pool Party 2011 at Surfcomber Hotel in South Beach, May 14

Aqua Girl 2011

Aqua Beach Pool Party

With DJ Just Steph and DJ Pat Pat

Surfcomber Hotel, South Beach

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Better Than: The series finale of The L Word.

As part of the Aqua Girl foundation's weeklong series of events, Saturday's pool party was all about cooling off -- by way of drinking, dancing, and hooking up for hundreds and hundreds of lesbian, bisexual, and trans women.

The DJs played a steady stream of new-school pop and old-school hip-hop. The music had about half the crowd perpetually divided between the two "dance floors," which were actually impromptu party areas by the pool.

The booty-shaking seemed a bit more sedate than what you would expect at a lesbian pool party. But you could probably blame it on the fact that it was about 1,376 degrees fahrenheit.

While Aqua Girl provides a somewhat varied list of events, from culinary to cultural, the Aqua Beach Pool Party was basically a giant hookupapalooza. The majority of chicks were there to get it on.

As scorching as the temperature was, so were the women. The crowd included just the right mix of butches and femmes, and every type in between. And as usual, the LBT women represented their uniqueness by showing up in all kinds of outfits, from rockabilly to vintage to guido.

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: So many females, so little time ... Seriously, there were so many women in so many states of undress that everyone probably woke up with a sore neck the next day. The party was jumping from the beginning. But as the afternoon wore on, more and more women kept showing up. And the lines kept getting longer. Fortunately, maneuvering through the party never got uncomfortable, though it did get tricky. And the party attracted women from everywhere. We chatted up chicks from NYC, Georgia, and Germany.

Overheard in the Crowd: "Are you single? Me and you gotta talk." "I have a girlfriend, but don't tell anybody." "That bathing suit she is wearing is hideous." "Where's wifey?" "The fauxhauk is so played out already." "Did you see that bitch?" "Then the chick bumped me and one of my knees went this way and the other went that way." "Oh my gawd! Look at that ass!" "Have you seen my girlfriend?" "I'm in Miami, bitch!"

Random Details: Ben & Jerry's was giving out free scoops of ice cream. The two VIP areas were mainly empty. There was no re-entry for general admission. Lots of girls were trying to get in for free. Approximately half the crowd was African American. Bystanders walking, blading, or biking on the boardwalk behind the hotel kept stopping to take photos and video. The non-hotel security guards were lesbians.

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