​Lil Wayne Settles His $5.6 Million IRS Tax Debt

Just 144 days after Lil Wayne wrapped up his eight-month stay on Rikers Island, bounced out the clink, and fled back to his Miami Beach mansion, the taxman came calling with an enormous bill from Uncle Sam.

As reported by Riptide (via Detroit News) in April, the Young Money Maniac slipped up on his 2008 and 2009 taxes, "forgetting" to pay the Internal Revenue Service a grand total of $5,601,033.99. (And that's after he had already paid off a $1.13 million in December 2010.) The result: A federally levied lien against his "nine-bedroom, nine-bath, 15,000-square-foot pad on La Gorce Island."

Today, though, Weezy finally squashed his beef with the feds (again according to the Detroit News), settling his $5.6 million debt with the IRS.

See the cut for the original Notice of Federal Tax Lien document and the new Certificate of Release.

On March 28, the taxman gave "notice that taxes (including interest and penalties) have been assessed against the following-named taxpayer ... Dwayne M Carter" and dropped a "lien in favor of the United States" on him.

But effective August 11, Mr. Carter had "satisfied the taxes" and "the lien ... for these taxes and additions [had] been released." Free Weezy!

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