90s Teen Seeking Sexy Fans for Music Video Shoot at Ricochet Miami Tonight

Long before she played Sara in Cocoon: The Return or Julia "Julie" Winston in Dolph Lundgren's He-Man movie, Masters of the Universe, Courtney Cox got her big break in Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" video.

Tonight, the members of Miami's own 90s Teen will be shooting their first proper music video at Midtown Miami's Ricochet Bar & Lounge and they want you sexy people to be a part of it. Maybe.

If you're a girl, can you "act as if you are a 13yr old about to see Justin Beiber [sic]"? If you're a boy, are you in favor of moshing with fake blood capsules in your mouth? Well, this might be the video for you!

And hey, David Arquette is single again. So .. Full details after the cut, plus a bonus Courtney Cox tampon ad.

Details from the director:

Hey Boys and Girls!!! Im shooting a music video for 90s teen on tues July 24th at ricochet, I need some hot energetic girls and boys to take part in the video....The girls will be screaming front row at the show with 90s teen tshirts on, you must act as if you are a 13yr old about to see Justin Beiber...if you can cry on cue even better!!! Of course we can supply fake tears! The boys will start a mosh pit they will be given fake blood capsules for the extra drama. The more people willing to do this the better the video will turn out. Please only put that you are attending if you ACTUALLY are attending, i need to know how many people I will have for this. Thank you!!!! Please get there at 10pm so we can discuss the game plan,I will start shooting around midnight when the band plays!

Please bring a tshirt to write 90s Teen on, we will supply the markers :)

Free marker access!!! Contact the organizers via facebook and check out the band's music on bandcamp.

Seeing that 90s Teen don't have a music video yet, we'll leave you with Courtney Cox making history as the first person to use the word "period" for "menstruation" on U.S. television:

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