20 Photo Highlights From Big Night In Little Haiti, June 17

In just a few days, the Magnum Band of Miami celebrates its 35th anniversary.

On Friday night, though, the band got the party started a little early with a free set at Rhythm Foundation and Little Haiti Cultural Center's monthly Big Night In Little Haiti event.

A festive crowd heated up the floor while big-band dance music blasted from the stage, and Dadou Pasquet played the guitar like a 305 Freddie King.

See the cut for Crossfade's photo highlights from the June edition of Big Night in Little Haiti.

When we got there Magnum Band were just starting up their set, you can see them in the background.

The open air performance courtyard at the Little Haiti Cultural Center was packed and the crowd spilled into other areas of the floor (and wall) all night.

Plenty of fans came out to record and enjoy the musical action.

Once the band got going almost nobody could hold still. The rhythm was infectious.

It even got the lovers loving.

Everywhere we looked people were having a good time.

It was a beautiful, hot, wet, night in Little Haiti.

And the band barely took any breaks to catch their breath.

An ocean of music flooded the neighborhood.

And it held some folks in awe.

First she danced with a paper plate.

Then with a man.

Band co-founder Dadou Pasquet killed it on the rhythm, but late into the set he went into an extended guitar solo that showcased a superb blues and rock ability.

The people were loving the show.

And being there with friends.

And having some drinks.

And dancing the night away.

And enjoying the music, and the atmosphere it created.

The last song was intense, everything sped up, and the drums came through heavy.

Then the Magnum Band thanked everybody, and said, "Make sure you remember. This band is from Miami. This band is born in Miami."

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