2 Chainz's French Bulldog Trappy Was the Real MVP of Memorial Day Weekend

When I walked up to the grand opening of the new Appt. Only showroom on the outskirts of Wynwood last Friday, I imagined the host of the event, 2 Chainz, would be the prime center of attention. Store owner Philip Cardona collaborated with the rapper to feature Tity Boi’s booming CEO Millionaires clothing line before his explosive show with Lil Wayne at Story later that night.

But, though the selection inside the store was indeed dope, the ultimate spectacle of the pop-up shop proved to be of a different species.

Once the doors of his black Mercedes van opened up, 2 Chainz, born Tauheed Epps, made his grand entrance along with his petite, beige French bulldog named Trappy. As eager shoppers crowded around, Trappy led the ColleGrove rapper and his entourage inside the compact clothing store, and immediately captured the hearts of everyone inside.  As the abundance of cameras began to click and flash all around 2 Chainz, Trappy remained alert, ears up as he examined his surroundings. His owner — who stands at around 6'5'' — towered over the young pup — who's roughly the size of a pineapple — as he stood next to a clothing rack, which held a dozen or so of his popular CEO,000,000 T-shirts. After 2 Chainz began to explain the inspirational meaning of his CEO Millionaire brand, I caught a glimpse of Trappy looking up at the lyricist in awe, and my heart began to melt along with the other dog lovers in the crowd.

“He’s too cute,” I overheard numerous girls whisper while he spoke.

Once his speech ended, 2 Chainz, Trappy, and his crew headed to the back of the store while the press and excited patrons grazed through the lavish selection Appt. Only had to offer. With high-end brands like Bape and Diem scattered throughout the white walls of the shop, some were still hung up on Trappy’s presence. Eventually, I made it to the back room, which had quickly morphed into an impromptu VIP section. As I waited to speak with 2 Chainz, Trappy was inches away and I couldn’t stop staring. The pup handled all the press and attention like a true pro. With all the excitement around him, Trappy held his ground by giving a low growl whenever someone got too close to him without even moving a muscle on his face. Aside from that, the intelligent little guy remained politely quiet as 2 Chainz conducted interviews around him.

2 Chainz’s pop-up shop was a major success thanks to his fresh threads, dope location, and, of course, man’s best friend. All dogs should aspire to be as great as Trappy.

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