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Generator Miami

The Jim and Neesie

The Jim and Neesie, located inside the Generator Miami in Mid-Beach, is a chill yet upscale space designed to resemble the living room of a fictional, chic European couple (that'd be Jim and Neesie). Brick walls and dangling lanterns set the scene for the bar's unique bottle cocktails. Each one arrives at the table prepared and at a precise 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The bartender then pours each drink into a glass that contains one large ice cube. With a flourish, a garnish is added. A negroni supreme, the classic drink of Italy, is made with raspberry-and-pistachio-infused gin and finished with a spritz of lavender. But the standout is the OMFG margarita, prepared with a hint of fresh tangerine that adds a natural sweetness to the tart lime. The bottled cocktails ensure your drink is perfect — much like the lives of our fictional besties who opened their home to entertain us.