Deli Lane

Deli Lane Café isn't a pastrami-and-corned-beef deli; it's more of a pressed-duck-sandwich-and-tuna-salad-wrap kind of place. At this South Miami institution since 1988, crowds of regulars continue to fill the outdoor seats for brunch. Service is sometimes slow, but the healthful and affordable fare makes the wait worthwhile. The Swiss apple melt sandwich brings together seductive layers of warm, cinnamon-covered apple slices, thick-cut bacon, and melted cheese on raisin pumpernickel bread. Pulling the leaves off a stuffed whole artichoke is awkward, but patience and perseverance is rewarded when your teeth scrape off the warm, buttery goodness from within. Try a "California Dreamin'" quesadilla, a toasty, sprouty, and airy alternative to an otherwise greasy genre. The entire menu is available next door at Sunset Tavern, where it is perfectly acceptable to have a Brie and fruit platter with your beer.