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Deli Lane to Make a Strategic Move Down the Street

For its 20th birthday, Deli Lane Cafe and Tavern is getting a new home.

And to the relief of its patrons, the Brickell staple, built before the area was a hub of anything, let alone food, isn't going too far. By the end of the month, DL will be out of the 45 year-old building and into a brand new, swanky location at 921 Brickell Ave, a few short blocks away.

"10th and Brickell is like being on the 50 yard line," said owner Jahn Kirchoff. "There's a lot more activity when you're in an area and building that's 100 percent occupied and not sitting on the edge of all the action."

A few years back, the owners of the property made plans to implode the old walls and build a glamorous 40-story complex. The building's businesses emptied out accordingly, but about a year and a half ago, deep in recession, the owners changed their minds and decided to hold off on the plan.

Despite the exodus, Deli Lane held its Brickell bastion and stuck it out in their original spot until the owners announced a doubling of rent. "For a minimum of three, maximum of 5 years, it wasn't worth it to stay in an emptying building...with a lot of structural issues," said Kirchoff. "Plus, the new building is gorgeous and in the middle of everything."

Not everyone is happy about the relocation, however. "Tenants in the old building are devastated," said Kirchoff. "They aren't happy they can't walk downstairs and get their morning coffee with us now." However, much of the restaurant's patronage comes from delivery, and from the heart of Brickell, Deli Lane will now be able to deliver over the bridge.

Also, to ease the pain of the news for any upset Brickellites, Deli Lane announced with its move that it will begin offering a daily beer and wine happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m.

The departure is a strategic one for Kirchoff and business partner Mike Maler. They are moving their restaurant along with a solid, loyal following, to the center of a booming Brickell. And known for the past two decades for serving healthful, elegant dishes at affordable prices, the new kid on the block is bound to fit right in.

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Ilana Shulevitz