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Boxelder Craft Beer Market

There's no denying that Wynwood is the epicenter of Miami's brewing scene. It also stands to reason that the neighborhood is home to a kickass beer bar. But don't go to Boxelder expecting to be handed a hefty binder filled with hoppy offerings. Here you'll find a well-thought-out selection of about two dozen beers you want to drink. The selection rotates, so consult the TV monitors, which list what's available on tap, along with a description, price, alcohol content, and which glass will be used to serve it. The room is always filled with lively chatter about hops and malt. On weekends, keep an eye out for food trucks (a rotating roster), along with burgers courtesy of USBS (United States Burger Service). Kick your feet up and order another. The atmosphere's warm, and the beer's cold.
Photo courtesy of Boxelder