You Gotta Regatta

It’s the little rhyme every American child learns when October rolls around: In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t trying to discover a new land, and there’s major speculation about who actually got here first, but it’s still one of the few pseudo-facts we don’t forget from our elementary school days. In honor of this ill-navigating Italian crusader, we usually just take the day off — but for 54 years, South Florida has been celebrating by taking to the sea.

The Columbus Day Regatta asks all yacht enthusiasts, salty sailors, and random other folks who happen to have boats to come out this weekend for a race to the finish, where land lovers will be waiting with lots of food, drinks, and prizes of all sizes. Slurp a screwdriver to stave off the scurvy and then set sail on Biscayne Bay at 10 a.m. to join in the fun, which reportedly puts N’awlins’ Mardi Gras to shame. Boat registration costs $90; sign up at the Coral Reef Yacht Club or online at For more info, call 305-858-1733.
Sat., Oct. 11, 2008
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