Will Dexter Swap Sibling Sex For Serial Killing?

Look, we've loved Dexter from the very first episode. We love feeling justified in rooting for a serial killer. We love its quirky supporting characters, especially that horndog Masuka. We even love laughing at its sad attempts to recreate the Miami experience. (Remember the time Dexter visited the sex offender squatters' village?) But especially, we've loved the fiercely loyal relationship between Dexter and his sister Deb.

But platonically, y'know? We didn't love it love it.

As Sunday's season finale draws near, however, it seems like Dexter's writers have other plans. As if season six didn't already have its share of jaw-droppers with all the Doomsday Killer madness, we now have a potential sibling-on-sibling romance to simmer on the brainpan.

In Sunday's episode, Debra Morgan's therapist suggests that Deb might

have romantic feelings for her adoptive brother Dexter. Whether or not

the accusation is correct, or if perhaps the therapist wrongfully

manipulated Deb, the seed has irrevocably been planted. Deb's inner

crisis was crystallized with an awkward dream sequence in which brother

and sister kiss over Chinese takeout. Not exactly romance.

In the very first episode of the the series, Dexter explained, "If I

could have feelings for anyone, I'd have them for Deb." Six seasons

later, this comment is starting to seem like a crooked statement of


On the eve of the season finale, what do you think of the apparently "sudden" sexual tension between Deb and Dexter?

--Grace Stainback

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