Top Five Exercises for a Hard Body From the Founder of Wodapalooza

In the land of eternal summer, winter weight gain isn't an option. Miamians are expected to keep their fit physiques year round — hence why this city is the perfect place for Wodapalooza. The three-day Miami fitness festival draws some of the world's top athletes, and it's coming to town this weekend at Bayfront Park

Ahead of the event, New Times talked to festival cofounder, CrossFit Games competitor, and owner of one of the first CrossFit affiliates in Miami, Guido Trinidad. The fitness guru gave us his top five moves to whip your bod into WOD shape.

5. Thruster
"Thruster is a full body movement. You're going to be utilizing all of the push muscles in your legs. You're also going to be using your upper body muscles to push the barbell overhead shoulders, so your triceps, chest and stability muscles," says Trinidad. "It also helps to strengthen your midline; you have to balance that bar over the center of your body, and if your core is weak it will be very difficult for that bar to stay balanced."

4. Deadlift
"This is predominately a posterior chain workout, so it works all the muscles on your backside. Hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, plus your traps and upper back just from holding onto that bar," Trinidad explains. "Your core gets strengthened through this exercise as well; if your core isn't strong, you're going to fold over and won't be able to hold the bar."

3. Strict Pull-ups
"This works all of your upper body pulling muscles — your biceps and your lats and forearms as well." 

2. Ring Dips
"These work your chest, triceps, and shoulders and also provide the opportunity to train muscles that are very, very small and prevent injuries. That includes all the stabilizer muscles in your shoulders. Having to move yourself in a dynamic way on a dynamic surface forces you to utilize smaller stability muscles," say Trinidad. "These aren't necessarily the muscles you'll see popping out, but you need them in order to life the heavier weights and get the bigger muscles."

1. GHD Sit-Ups
"These are probably the most intense, direct way of thrashing your core. They put your body in a position where you're basically utilizing every single muscle fiber in your midsection, from the top of your pelvic bone all the way to the bottom of your chest. All of it is just fired up. And your hip flexors as well."

If you need a little more instruction, check out Wodapalooza this weekend and watch some ridiculous physical specimens demonstrate the moves. There will be 1,300 buff bodied competitors from 21 different countries jockeying for $215,000 in prize money. Certainly a sight to behold. 

Wodapalooza (WZA)
Friday, January 15, through Sunday, January 17, at Bayfront Park, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Spectator tickets range in price from $30 for a one-day pass to $200 for a three-day VIP festival pass. Visit thewodapalooza.com

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