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The Ten Most Romantic Spots in Miami

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February is romance month in Miami, which means you're (a) superstoked for weeks of canoodling time, (b) about to sink into a monthlong bout of depression, or (c) hoping Tinder will come through (for once) and find you someone, anyone.

For those of you in the first and last camps, we've rounded up a list of Miami's most romantic places so you can impress the hell out of your S.O. (or whoever swipes right for you).

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10. Miami Marine Stadium

OK, so this graffiti-covered waterfront landmark isn't open to the public, but that's part of what makes it über-romantic. There's something supersexy about sneaking around (even if it's just the perimeter). With epic views, oodles of dark corners, and plenty of spots to scrawl Me + You = Love 4Eva, it's an amazing spot for a spontaneous snuggle. Just be cautious, because getting arrested would ruin the moment.

9. The Rusty Pelican

Though lots of things about the Rusty Pelican have changed over the years, the view has never wavered. The patio, strung with twinkle lights and overlooking the water, is the place to be. Offering a spectacular visual of downtown and Brickell (from basically every seat in the house if you can't score a spot on the patio), this Key Biscayne landmark is an unquestionably amorous spot.

8. The Epic Hotel rooftop -- Area 31

Wide-scale condo and high-rise development is the worst, but there's one upside: those views. And the best of the bunch is atop the Epic Hotel, at the highly lauded eatery Area 31. Nothing says Miami like looking out over the glittering lights of Brickell, champagne cocktail in hand, keratin-treated hair blowing in the breeze. Take your S.O. up for the best couple's selfies the city can deliver.

7. Matheson Hammock Park/Redfish Grill

Too many Miamians have yet to experience the paradisaical perfection of Matheson Hammock Park. From the scenic atoll pool to the swaying palms to the nighttime splendor of Redfish Grill (a dinner spot straight out of an eHarmony ad campaign), it's bound to rekindle romance in even the most uninspired couples.

6. Vizcaya

There's a reason this sprawling Italian villa ranks among Miami's most popular wedding locales. Right on the water and complete with stunning formal gardens and more than a hundred years of history, Vizcaya gives a glimpse of Miami past.

5. Under the MacArthur Causeway

Unknown to many Miamians is a hidden treasure, tucked beneath roaring traffic and tons of concrete. Under the MacArthur Causeway is a gravel spot on Watson Island, home to a panoramic view of Miami's best assets. Take Jungle Island exit and follow the road around to the water. There's nothing more romantic than Miami's glittering skyline seen from afar.

4. The Kampong

One of the most awesome aspects of living in Miami is the bounty of tropical flora and fauna, and the Kampong is home to a lush assortment of diverse greenery. This inspired spot was home to Dr. David Fairchild but is far lesser known than his eponymous gardens. It's idyllic, peaceful, and a stunning place to take your sweetie.

3. The Adrienne Arsht Center (at night)

The glittering, sky-high glass walls of the Ziff Ballet Opera House (and its sister structure, the Knight Concert Hall) are a sight to see -- particularly after the sun goes down. At night, the exterior and interior of these remarkable buildings light up like a perpetual Christmas. At an opera or other performance, you'll mingle with fellow showgoers in floor-length gowns and penguin suits. It's one of the most romantic evenings Miami has to offer -- like Broadway but better (because there are no frigid temps involved).

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2. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Nothing says romance like 83 acres of peaceful ponds, towering palm trees, and rainbow-hued blooms. This massive piece of paradise offers countless nooks and crannies to take your other half for a cozy picnic or romantic walk. From the butterfly garden to the Chihuly displays, there's a seemingly endless supply of things to see -- if you can take your eyes off each other, that is.

1. The Beach

Its Miami's greatest asset. There are 35 miles of it, from South Pointe Park up. The cerulean water, pale sand, and vast, open sky makes for the most romantic backdrop imaginable. Whether it's to get down on one knee or just, um, get down, the beach is all romance, all the time.

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