The Five Best Barber Shops in Miami

Cut it, snip it, fade it, pomp it, gel it, shave it, beard-upgrade it. No, it's not the making of a chart-topping jam by Daft Punk; it's your frigging hair, man. And it's kind of a big deal, or at least it should be.

Nowadays it seems like guys pride themselves more on the shape of their manes than their motors. In other words, the topic of hair maintenance has become a touchy subject for the fellas. Should something go awry under the care of a renegade hairstylist waving a suspicious pair of sheers within a mile radius of your gelled-up locks, by gawd, there'll be hell to pay. And since the Mad Men and Jay Gatsby explosion of slick side parts and fade-style cuts surged onto the scene, things have only escalated. These days men simply expect more from their stylists.

But where can they go to turn their great expectations into reality? Going to a regular hair salon, one that caters mainly to women, would mean running the risk of looking metro, demanding, or worse, high-maintenance. Men crave a safe haven, a place to call home among other equally picky members of the male tribe, somewhere they can sip a well-deserved colada or Scotch and enjoy the best hot shave of their damn lives. But does such a place exist?

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Nycole Sariol