Ten Best Things to Do in Miami Before Summer Ends

What is it about August that strikes a distinct anxiety in us? Maybe it's because it's so hard to shake off the magic feeling that the months of summer has always held for us since adolescence. Maybe it's because fall is around the corner.

Either way, if these days have you crippled with that familiar summertime-is-almost-over sadness, have no fear. We’ve made the ultimate to-do list for you to make every waning day count.

Here are ten things you need to do before summer 2016 ends:
10. Try out Food Trucks Tuesdays at Haulover Park
Every Tuesday, Haulover Park hosts a massive food truck rally on the Bill Bird Marina. Family and friends are invited to taste globally inspired food while enjoying music and a wide assortment of entertainment. Put on an inflatable orb and play bubble soccer, or ride down a giant moon bounce slide. With 177 acres and a 1.4-mile long beach at your disposal, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to turn up on a Tuesday. 
9. Eat gelato at Vixi Gelateria
The word "vixi" translates to “I have lived” in Latin. And that’s precisely because you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Vixi Gelateria in Coral Gables. Founder Melissa Rodriguez Stam prides herself on creating delectable desserts while maintaining an adherence to healthy eating. Stam studied her craft under master gelataios in Italy and is eager to share all that she’s learned — both her production process and all-natural ingredients are on display for her customers. Flavors range from traditional chocolate and vanilla to fascinating Italian concoctions such as zabaione and ricotta-orange zest. Tasting one of these sweets on a hot Miami day will make you say, “That’s amore!” Servings start at $4.50 for small, $5.50 for medium, and $6.50 for large. Or you can go big and take home a 16-ounce for $18 and 32-ounce for $28. 
8. Visit Coral Castle
Almost a century ago, a tiny man named Edward Leedskalnin began his giant tour de force: building a castle made of 1,100 tons of coral rock. Entirely alone and in secret, Leedskalnin was never seen creating his ode to a lost love. Coral Castle is now considered one of the greatest architectural mysteries of the world. Call it the Stonehenge of South Florida, and visiting it during the summer has been a tradition of sorts for many Miamians. Tours are offered daily and cost $15 for adults and $7 for children.
7. Get custom-made iced tea at Tea & Poets
Nestled inside the Shops at Sunset Place is a refreshing marketplace that brings together art, music, and knickknacks, complemented by the perpetual aroma of freshly brewed tea. Take a seat at the tea counter, tell the barista your troubles, and he’ll hand you just what you need. Selected from an abundance of tea leaf varieties, each cup is designed specially for the customer. More energy? Check. Immunity boost? Got it. Hangover detox? You betcha. Get your heavenly nectar poured over ice and browse the rest of the store. Carrying a range of products, from designer clothes and lamps to handmade soaps and books, Tea & Poets has everything you could imagine to indulge your mental and physical revitalization.
6. Visit the lighthouse at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park
Built in 1825, the Bill Baggs lighthouse is the oldest standing structure in Miami-Dade County. So old, it was attacked by Native Americans. The park itself was part of a route in the Underground Railroad for slaves making their way to the Bahamas. Snag a piece of the history by attending a lighthouse tour, held Thursday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. When you’re done with the tour, hang out on the sandy beach for swimming, biking, fishing, or a picnic. You can walk your dog along the seawall and on the hiking trails, but park rules state only nice puppies are allowed. There are also two restaurants serving authentic Cuban dishes.
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