South Beach Med Spa Offers Post Party IV Cure: "Best Thing You Can Possibly Get For a Hangover"

Hangover cures are a drunkard's Fountain of Youth; a mythical concept in which we refuse to lose faith, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We've all tried the usual suspects: hair of the dog, Bloody Mary, greasy eats, etc. And in the end, nothing really works but the slow, miserable passage of time.

But according to the docs at South Beach's Reviv, their "Ultravive" vitamin cocktail (so to speak) will cure even the worst morning-after agony.

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A med spa of sorts, the restorative spot offers several packages of IV-based treatments designed to deal with fatigue, stress, free radicals and other consequences of everyday life. And for party animals over 18 who pass a basic medical screening, their "UltraVive" remedy is designed to heal the wounds of party rockers.

"The treatments that we use are pretty much standard for what we do in the emergency room. It just so happens that it works really well for anything that throws your body off balance, it's just one of those things that happens to work very well for a lot of different things," says Dr. Johnny Parvani, Reviv President and ER Doctor.

"It's the best thing you can possibly get for a hangover. There's nothing out there that's better. If someone were to come in for the hospital and they felt horrible this is what we'd give them," Dr. Parvani adds.

"It's basically an electrolyte saline solution that helps reestablish your body's salts, helps flush your body out, filter toxins out of your body, etc. In it we put different vitamins, different antioxidants to help destress the body, And we have medicines that tailor to the symptoms like acid reflux, fatigue and headache."

Customers can get their infusion on while watching TV and lounging on a sofa, or while resting in a massage chair in a private room - with a personal iPad, of course.

And if you're needle-squeamish, no worries, they have a poke free package that gives the same meds, only orally. Not only that, if you're too wrecked to move, they'll get mobile and bring the after party to you in your hotel room, apartment, Washington Ave gutter ... whatever.

As far as IVs, in addition to the UltraVive package (designed primarily for hangovers), they also offer the HydraMax fluid package, recommended for athletes. It contains a hydrating electrolyte solution that helps balance salt, flush out muscles and filter toxins, improving performance.

And finally, the MegaBoost package is a saline solution that includes multivitamins and antioxidants to help people boost their immune systems. "We recommend it if they feel like they're coming down with cold or flu. As soon as they get this they're going to walk out feeling great. More often then not they don't get sick, or if they do, it decreases the duration and severity," Dr. Parvani says.

The UltraVive package normally runs $195, the MegaBoost $175 and the HydraMax $150, but they're currently running several specials, cutting treatment prices by almost half. The sessions generally take from 20 minutes to an hour.

They're bound to be busy on January 1, however, so you might wanna plan ahead.

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