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Redneck Rehab Star Mishele Purdy on Becoming a Miami Girl, Camo Fashion and the Definition of "Redneck"

When you think of Miami's diverse population, rednecks are probably the last cultural contingent that comes to mind. There aren't a whole lot of Honey Boo Boos or monster trucks roaming the 305. Or are there? Apparently, at least a few reformed rednecks do live in our midst. And one of them is about to be featured on the CMT show (do we even get that channel down here?), Redneck Rehab.

You heard right: Redneck Rehab. The show dubs itself as a series that "follows former rednecks as they are confronted by friends and family members who fear their loved one has forgotten their country roots."

Former Missouri girl Mishele Purdy is about to head home for some hunting, fishing and other rural pastimes when her episode debuts on Saturday, October 20. Cultist spoke to Mishele about what it means to be a redneck, rednecks in Miami, and camo as a fashion statement.

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