Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino Talks Her Couture Line

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino was in town this weekend to promote her new fashion lines Alexis Couture and Alexis Casuals. The 34-year-old came down with her hubby, Jim, and shacked up in a penthouse at the National Hotel on South Beach.

The holy moly housewife who doesn't like to be called religious, but instead prefers to be known as being "spiritual," partied it up big time in the 305. The mother of three hit up clubs like LIV and dined at the Forge, Meat Market, and Miami's newest resto on Biscayne: City Hall.

It was Bellino's first time in the MIA and she said she loved every

minute of it. "Miami has been really warm to us and we will definitely

be back," said Bellino. I'm going to definitely do a book reading here,"

she added regarding the book she is currently working on. "I'm not

allowed to say what it's about, but I just hope to reach a lot of women

through it."

When it comes to her clothing, we found it to be very sexy. We're confident there's plenty of Miami mujeres

who'd rock it-- just not us. Not hating. It's just not our stilo. The

line looks like a smorgasbord of something you'd find at Cache, Forever

21, and the Disney Store.

Like seriously, there's a ruffled dress called

Cinderella's Slippers that's blue and well, you know. Then there's the

Sex in the City dress that is a tad on the hoochie mama side. We did

sorta like one: her bestseller called Paparazzi Love in navy, but minus

the bling.

We spoke to Bellino about her couture and casual lines.

New Times: Why did you want to promote your clothing brand in Miami?

Alexis Bellino: I just feel the women here love great fashion and they

love great style. My dresses fit every body type and every type of

woman. It was the perfect match.

I saw some dresses online and there's only a few on your site. How many pieces do you have?

There's only eight on my website. I do have a couple more that I'm going to

introduce for this collection, but I'm already working on my next

collection which is going to come out in the next five months probably.

What inspired you to do your own clothing line?

You know you're not on a

reality show to be on a reality show. You're on it to use it as a

platform and to meet people. Fashion is something I've always been

interested in. I've always gotten alterations and changed whatever dress

I've purchased or top. I've changed this, added this and removed this

so I thought why not give it try. You can do anything you put your mind

to and you just have to have a lot of heart and soul.

The collection is comprised of dresses right now. Do you plan on expanding to other looks like adding pants or shorts?

The new collection coming out does have two skort type outfits. It's a

silk top attached with skorts. I doubt I'll get into pants so much.

What's your bestseller?

It's an orange dress called paparazzi Love It.

What's next for you?

I'm interested in getting into hosting. I've done a few pageants in the

last year and I'm doing hosting for different organizations and for

pageants now. Hosting a pageant is so much fun. I'd love to host Dancing with the Stars.

To shop the line check out alexisbytalsheyn.com or alexis-bellino.com.

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