Is Gen Art Coming Back? New York Benefit Could Spur Rebirth

Nothing like some badmouthing to get a dead non-profit breathing again. Gen Art, that do gooder non-profit organization for emerging artists that suddenly closed up shop in May, including their Miami offices, might still be on life support after all. There's a New York benefit for the organization we thought was dead, and some people still wish was, tonight.

Apparently, there was a lot of people owed money when the group closed its doors and they've made their voices heard (check out the comments on our prior post).

Gen Art co-founder and chief executive officer Ian Gerard was quoted by Women's Wear Daily

as saying the non-profit would make right some wrongs that occurred as a

result of the group's sudden closing.

"We expect it to fully reimburse

any designers for losses suffered and hope that it removes the small mud

stain created on an otherwise strong record of supporting emerging

fashion talent for 15-plus years."

The Gen Art Resurrection Benefit will be held at the Hudson Hotel. Organizers say proceeds from the event will go to upstart

filmmakers and designers who took financial hits when Gen Art folded in t

he early summer. Winners of the 15th Annual Gen Art Film Festival  who

didn't get their awards also stand to collect if the benefit is


If the list of honorary host committee members, including Edward Norton,

Jeremy Renner, Michelle Smith, Kate Mara, for tonight's benefit are any

indication, there might be a heartbeat left for the Gen Art-ers.

Apparently Gerard has been in talks with possible partners and the

company could relaunch as early as this fall. What that means for Miami

is still uncertain. Questions sent to an email forwarding address on Gen

Art web page were not answered.

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