In Living Color's Tommy Davidson Talks Miami and Cedric the Entertainer

Remember that scrawny, bug-eyed creature from the sketch comedy show In Living Color? How about the overzealous tribal warrior from Ace Venture Pet Detective II: When Nature Calls? Never mind, once you see him on stage tonight at the Miami Improv it will all come back to you.

Davidson spreads his talent across the stand-up stage, the idiot box, and the silver screen. Apart from the aforementioned acting credits, he also does some killer impressions. Do Sammy Davis Jr. or Michael Jackson ring a bell? Starting to ring a bell now, right? He's also been able to rub elbows with some pretty smoking babes, like Halle Berry in Strictly Business and Jada Pinkett Smith in Woo. Davidson was even in Spike Lee's Bamboozled, but his Blaxploitation film, Black Dynamite, which killed at the Sundance Film Festival, might be more his style.

Davidson spoke with us about adapting to the Miami humidity and his new film directed by Cedric the Entertainer. Read on.

New Times: Have you been to Miami before?

Tommy Davidson: Yeah I absolutely love Miami; it's a great vibe down here. If I've

gotta be on the road Miami is always a pleasure to end up. There's

something about warm weather and friendly people, not to mention

gorgeous girls that just that just revitalizes you, makes you wanna

shake ya booty. No, but seriously I always look forward to coming to

M-I-A. The audiences are the best in the world and I always seem to have

a great show; I feed off the energy here.

Once you get over the humidity it's one of the greatest cities in the

world. It's perfect for me. It seems like everyone out here wants to

have a good time, and that's what I'm all about. We're living the dream.

Can you tell us something about the new projects you're working on?

Well, I have two projects I'm working on. The first is a comedy special

that we are shooting live this summer. The second a really funny movie.

Cedric the Entertainer directed it, so it's got a really crazy old

school feel to it. Its' called Chicago Pulaski Jones. It's about this

incredible dancer on the rise who is forced to avenge the death of his

uncle--of course he has some major obstacles he has to overcome. You'll

have to check it out for yourself to find out more.

Is there anything you look forward to doing when you're here?

South Beach, definitely. There's something there for everyone. One thing

I haven't been able to do over the years is check out the Everglades

though... always wanted to take a boat ride

We couldn't help it. We had to include a video from Tommy's In Living Color days where he mocked none other than Jacko.

Tommy Davidson will appear at the Miami Improv (3390 Mary Street,

Coconut Grove) from Thursday through Sunday. Tickets cost $23.90 and

there is a two-drink minimum. Showtime is 8:30 p.m. with additional

performances at 10:45 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Call 305-441-8200 or

visit miamiimprov.com.

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