Gallery Girls' Liz Margulies on Amy Poliakoff: "She's Her Own Worst Enemy"

See our interview with Amy Poliakoff, and our recaps of Gallery Girls episodes one and two.

On the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, womanizer Barney tells his friend Ted, "Never, ever break up a girl fight. It's Bro Code." We couldn't agree more. Girl fights are usually petty, with lots of wrist flicking and hair pulling and general hilarity.

That's why, for the last two weeks, our DVR has been set to Bravo's new series Gallery Girls.

The cable channel describes Gallery Girls as seven girls conquering the art world in New York City. What it really is: a fine excuse to watch women verbally abuse each other -- two of those dames being Miami's own Amy Poliakoff and Liz Margulies.

Both stemming from wealthy South Florida families, the two have found themselves in the Big Apple working in similar fields. Their rent and other expenses are being paid for by their respective rich families back in the 305. With so much in common, they should be BFFs, right? Wrong. When we interviewed Amy, she had this to say about Liz: "I hope one day she becomes mature."

So unsurprisingly, when we caught up with Liz, she had something not-so-nice to say about her castmate in response.

Cultist: Where did you grow up, exactly?

Liz Margulies:

I lived all over the place, but Coconut Grove is where I was born. I moved from Miami to California with a couple of stops in between. I was basically a gypsy there for a while.

NYC vs. MIA: Where is your loyalty?
New York for sure. I am team New York without a doubt. I had a little bit of a tough time in Miami, so I don't miss it, to be honest with you. I miss the weather. I miss the beach, and that's pretty much it.

Well, you must be living in a fabulous borough, then.
I live in Gramercy -- on 23rd & 1st. Its right near my school, the School of Visual Arts, so it's perfect.

On the show, it looks like like you barely intern and live off your dad's money. But you are actually in school pursuing your degree, right?
Yeah, I am full-time student. Of course I get help from my dad because I am working and I am in school. It's not like I am sitting home doing nothing all day. It's great and I am really thankful for that. I don't think many people can say they didn't get at least a little bit of help from their parents while in college.

What's your dream job once you graduate?
I love graphic design, and that is what I am studying in school. I was originally majoring in fine art, but then I realized I might not want to choose such a risky career. Risky in the money-making sense. I wanted a career path where I could make my own money. So, ideally, I would get a job as a graphic designer at a fabulous graphic design firm in the city.

Would you say your dad had a lot to do with what you are doing with your life?
I definitely look up to my dad because his family owned a little grocery store and he never grew up with much money. They gave everything they had to send him to college. He has come such a long way and everything he has, he has earned on his own. I respect and can only hope I do that one day.

Your dad, Marty Margulies, seems so old school. How does he feel about being featured on the show?
I think he secretly loves it. I think he likes it and thinks its cool. After all he has done with his life, he has never done anything like this before.

So, Gallery Girls -- what made you want to do it in the first place?
To be honest, I love Bravo and I love reality TV. So when the opportunity came around, I thought, "Great. I don't have to change my actual life." So many reality shows you have to move into a house, do stupid things, be paired up with people you have nothing in common with, etc. But this show was perfect. We are all so ambitious and have some many similar goals we want to accomplish. It's exactly what I want to do with my life.

What's been the worst thing about being on a reality show?
I have received a few bad tweets here and there, but most of the feedback has been positive. I am not that worried about the whole process.

Amy Poliakoff had some polite yet terrible things to say about your in our interview. Thoughts?
Nothing I could possibly say about Amy would make her look worse than her own behavior has made her look. She's her own worst enemy. The cameras don't lie. That's all I am going to say about that.

How long have you two known each other?
We went to elementary school together, then I switched schools in sixth grade and that's basically the last time I saw her. She went to Gulliver and I went to Ransom. After that, I didn't really see her very often.

You two are obviously different, with your half sleeve and all. What did your dad think of your tattoos?
My dad is Jewish and my mom is conservative Christian, so neither of them loved it. They realize I am old enough to make my own decisions and that's what I chose to do. I knew I wouldn't be going into a profession where that wouldn't be allowed.

I think everyone has a different role on the show. You're kind of this badass, socialite type. Are they portraying you correctly?
(Laughs) Everyone has their own interpretation of how someone is. Watching myself, I would say I am coming off pretty accurately to who I am in real life. In the beginning, I feel like I maybe came off like I didn't have a work ethic, but I can't blame editing. I did and said those things. That's how I am, but there is a whole other side of me that's sensitive and kind.

Was there anyone on the show you thought you were going to hate, but loved?
Claudia and Chantal. With Claudia, I really didn't think I was going to like her, but I really do. When we got to know each other, we just clicked. I have come to find that people you thought you were going to hate, you are going to love. People you think you love, you will probably end up hating.

In five years, where are we going to see you?
Hopefully I'll be working at a great graphic design firm in New York, being fabulous and working my ass off. I think, I mean I know, I will be making my own money and no longer needing my father's help.

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