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Floatopia 2015 Wants You to Meet New Friends and Leave Nothing but Floatprints

Another hard week has come and gone. Don’t you deserve a little fun in the sun?

Don’t you want to kick back on a giant float, sipping a tasty beverage while slowly rocking in the gentle waves of Miami Beach? Don’t you want to meet some sexy strangers who also enjoy relaxing in the water on a giant, colorful float? Don’t you just want to see what it looks like when thousands of floats come together at once?

This wonderful sensory overload could be yours for the low-low price of absolutely free. You just have to bring the sunscreen, a float, and a few friends (or come solo, whatever) to Floatopia 2015, Saturday, on South Pointe Beach.

What exactly is Floatopia? It’s an out-of-this-world beach experience bringing literal thousands of sun-lovers together in one spot, encouraging folks to meet new people, catch some healthy rays, and rekindle your love with the great outdoors. Floats are not provided, so please bring your own floatation device. Any shape, size, color, or brand will do — as long as you don’t forget it out there when you leave. Be mindful, please.

Drinking is fine, but please note Styrofoam coolers are not allowed on the beach. There is a fine of $100 for breaking this simple rule. Don’t be that guy.

True superstars can participate in one of five clean-up shifts as part of the Floatopia “Green Teams,” meaning you’re not doing all the cleaning, you’re helping police and ensure that Floatopians around you are keeping the fun eco-friendly.

The festivities begin bright and early at 10 a.m. and lasts until 7 p.m., but Green Team shifts begin at 9 a.m. rotate every three hours until 8 p.m. Those of you with enough love in your hearts to help out are urged to sign up on Floatopia is open to people of all ages and persuasions, just be sure to bring your best attitude and leave the drama at home. For more into, check the official Facebook event page.
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