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Five Ways to Get Your Geek On Now That the Comic Con Movie Tour is Canceled

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Geeks just can't catch a break. The Comic Con Movie Tour, which would have featured Morgan

Spurlock's film, Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, has been canceled. The

event would have taken place at the Fillmore on April 7, a day that all

fanboys and -girls had eagerly marked in their digital calendars.

Now, instead of

looking forward to April 7, geeks are facing a huge void. A ripple in the

time-space continuum. A black hole. So, what's a nerd to do? Flounder about, depressed and lonely, wearing Hello Kitty slippers and eating cereal out of a Stormtrooper helmet? No need for that. We've come up with several

ways to socialize with your other socially awkward friends.

Just because some dark

overlord thwarted your awesome plans is no reason to give up. Read on for five geeky things you can do with your geeky friends instead of the geeky Comic Con Movie Tour.

5. Cosplay Night
We know, we know -- you and your friends dress up every Friday (and when you're alone). But this is different. Get your con crew together, dress up as your favorite characters, and go to a club -- preferably a trendy one in downtown or Wynwood. We know that this might seem a bit intimidating, but think of it this way: Whenever there's a con in town, you walk city blocks, roam hotel hallways, and eat at crowded restaurants - all while in character. So why return to the geek underground when the convention's over? Go terrorize the hipsters; they did it to you all through school. It's your turn to rise.

4. Flash Mob
Of course, your crew would have to be in character for this too. But instead of your favorite characters, pick a 60-second scene from any superhero, sci-fi, or fantasy film, dress up as the characters, and enact the scene at an appointed time in a public place. We suggest a mall -- preferably Midtown Miami at one in the afternoon. Just sayin'.

3. Art it Up
Yes, don't worry; this one also requires you cosplaying. Pick a street corner somewhere in Miami, say 8th and Ocean. Here comes the beauty: Just stand there with your friends in full regalia. They key to this one is striking a pose, so pick a good one. We bet you'll be local celebs by the end of the day.

2. Make a Music Video
Geeks, we know that music isn't your forte -- if you were talented at music, you'd be a rock star, not a neurophysicist or whatever it is you do. But we also know that you totally dougie down when your friends aren't around. Well, so do they. There are plenty of nerd anthems out there: Weezer's "In the Garage," Datarock's "Computer Camp Love," and Weird Al's "White and Nerdy." So, why not (wait for it...) dress up like you would have for the con and create a music video to one of your favorite songs. Be sure to post it to YouTube so we can mock you mercilessly show the world your awesomeness.

1. Go Out Like "Normal" People
Bear with us, guys. Number one doesn't involve you and the gang donning spandex and neoprene - at all. It does, however, involve bars, alcohol, and sex. Don your alter ego outfit, preferably something revelaing -- you too, ladies -- and go drinking. Have a contest to see who can get the most digits (that's phone numbers, not binary code). We even came up with a drinking game for you. Every time someone in your crew mentions any fantasy/sci-fi/comic book character, story line, conspiracy, or science experiment, they have to take a shot. According to our calculations, you will all be drunk within .8 seconds of arriving at your destination. And once you're drunk, you'll act like jerks and fit right in. Just be prepared to wake up like this:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.