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First IMAX Home Theater System to Be Installed in Miami Beach

Miami's movie geeks have plenty of reasons to be proud. This town has a thriving art house theater scene, some of the best film festivals in the country, and increasing numbers of films by locals earning national and worldwide respect. Some pictures even screen here before they debut in New York and L.A. Movies are really getting big in Miami, they'll tell you.

But this is probably not what they had in mind.

Businessweek reports that the first IMAX Home Theater System will be installed in a Miami Beach home later this year. Yes, that's IMAX, as in the giant screen and ear-crushing sound you can usually only get by paying a higher ticket price at certain movie theaters. Now, it can be yours -- as long as you can shell out at least $2 million.

The lucky recipient of the first IMAX system in a private home is Ahmad Lee Khamsi, a South American cable television executive. An IMAX screen -- which comes at a minimum of 20 feet wide -- will be built in his 11,000-square-foot home right here in the 305.

The home systems work about the same as those installed at your local cineplex. They use a dual-projector system to project images onto a curved screen that takes up an entire wall, floor to ceiling. Its surround-sound system is monitored by IMAX technicians remotely; if something needs fixing, it can usually be done remotely.

According to Businessweek, high-profile names like Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane are rumored to be in the market for a home IMAX system. So congrats, Khamsi -- you're in, uh, questionable company.

IMAX says it expects to sell between 10 and 15 of the private theaters per year, likely because few film fans have the space to install a dedicated movie theater in their home, let alone pay a starting price of $2 million for one. But if money's no object and you really want to impress Dad on Father's Day this year, here's your option.

Visit to watch a promotional video featuring a bunch of men in suits speak in posh accents about an awesome thing you will never ever own.

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