Dress Funny, Get Money

Wanna make $200 for dressing like your favorite videogame, cartoon, movie, or imaginary character? Head to Cosplay Kingdom, where you’re as likely to spot Zelda’s Link slamming shots as you are to see Princess Daisy vaping on an e-cig. Whether you handcraft your Sailor Moon with needle and thread or put that awesome Mech Warrior suit on a credit card, this is your chance to play Halloween in December. If you’re an exhibitionist, pose for all the voyeurs and their camera phones. But whether you’re into sci-fi, anime, or horseplay, you’ll feel at home while eight bands and DJs keep the party live this Friday from 8 p.m. till 3 a.m. at the House of Rock (9851 NW 58th St., Miami). Live sets by Joysticks & Quarter Slots, Downbeat Disciples, Artisan Soul, Deep City Orkestra, Clu’s Rebellion, Megan Lipsky, Purple?, and Rite to Bare Arms come courtesy of this official DJ Oski production. Hosts Krystal Ramos and Darlene Blaspheme encourage all creative role play in an open environment where everyone is welcome. Admission costs $10. Call 305-303-3976 or email cosplaykingdommiami@gmail.com.
Fri., Dec. 12, 8 p.m., 2014

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