Dexter DVD Release Party Bloodies Up The National Hotel

In the first episode of Dexter, the grizzly Showtime hit, main killer, uh, main character, Dexter Morgan notes, "Miami is a great town. I love the Cuban food, pork sandwiches, my favorite, but I'm hungry for something different now." Right on, Dexter. We like it here, too, but we'll stick to the pork sandwiches.

In probably the best show to feature our lovely city since The Golden Girls, Dexter, the serial killer who kills serial killers, stars Michael C. Hall, the gay brother from Six Feet Under. Not gay anymore, Hall plays a vigilante blood spatter-pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police department. He has a hankering for blood, but in a way that's sort of charming, making his frightening hobby almost acceptable.

This past Saturday, a few cast members celebrated the debut of the show's fourth season DVDs at Miami Beach's The National Hotel. Cultist was there to drink the free Jose Cuervo bevs, munch on the munchies, and chat with a few of Dexter's talented and seriously delightful actors. Check out the complete Dexter slideshow here.

David Zayas, AKA Angel Batista, the über-Latino detective, told Cultist that he doesn't only play a cop on TV, he actually was one for 15 years before accepting this role. He didn't let the world of cops and robbers taint his worldview, though. He stayed human, which is probably difficult for most actors.
The show's comic relief, C.S. Lee, told us that Season Five is certain to be exciting, with new actors peppering the program, while Dexter struggles with his past. He also admitted to being a big fan of Miami. (Well, maybe we put those words in his mouth, but he went along with it.)

We asked Lauren Velez, who plays Lt. Maria LaGuera, the head of the police department's homicide division, about the challenges her character faces next season. She told us that the lieutenant would be dealing with the tension between her professional life and her married life. When asked whether she's able to add her personality to the role, she said, sometimes yes, sometimes no. "As actors, our job is to serve the piece. We want it to say it's about me, my character. It's not. It's about Dexter and his universe." We love that she's a strong woman on television, a boss who doesn't try to dumb it down or sex it up.

Velez, Lee, and Zayas were some of the friendliest celebs Cultist has encountered to date. After a brief meeting with the press, all three enjoyed the poolside party. And as the show is about bloody murder, the party was complete with bloody cabanas, a floating corpse, and waitresses swathed in police tape and saran wrap. Kinky. There was even a lone arm chilling in a cooler -- a homage to Dexter's refrigerator of body parts.

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