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Borscht 2014: Behind the Scenes of Stripper Wars at King of Diamonds (Photos)

Getting naked for money is coming to a silver screen near you. Stripper Wars is a new Miami film that explores the world of poledancing at one of the world's premier gentlemen's clubs.

Directed by Giancarlo Loffredo, the short flick calls itself "the first art movie ever shot at King of Diamonds," and it will debut this December at Borscht Film Festival 2014.

We stopped by the set to check out the action and caught up with real-life KOD dancer Kayoz as she talked about overcoming obstacles in her first starring role in a movie.

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Kayoz is the leading actress in the fictionalized movie, which follows her trials, tribulations, and eventual victory in the world of exotic dancing.

On set, a bevvy of extras, grips, assorted directors, lighting techs, camera operators, and other crew conducted their sequence of shots like a cinematic orchestra.

Actress, singer, and model Anelus Arocho plays an extra, party girl No. 1, in the production. Given her mesmerizing appeal, it is a role in which she will surely steal the show. "I think independent movies are really great," she says. "They show that you don't have to have a ginormous budget like the Hollywood movies they make over and over again."

"I've never been to Borscht Film Festival, but I'm excited to see what the local people have to offer," Arocha continues. "In television, films, and the media, Miami is depicted as gritty, and overly sexified, which is real, but there are also a lot of cultures here, and more than one element to represent."

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