Basketball Wives' Season Finale: Jennifer Williams Gets Divorced & Drinks in Her Face

Can you believe we made it to the season finale of Basketball Wives? And most importantly, can you believe that we have been watching this mess for that long? Well, here we are and in true VH1 style, this episode started off with the ladies doing what they do best: drinking in the middle of the day and trash talking.

Royce Reed explains to Suzie Ketcham that she is upset at Jennifer Williams and vice versa. And what does their hatred really all come down to? Twitter. Yeah, that social media site has truly been the culprit to 99% of their problems.

Remember how last week we informed you that Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco were truly in love?  Well, we can now see it's for real. You know your head over heels in love when you barely trust your significant other. When Evelyn approached Chad about who, what, where, and how he had been at lunch with another lady, we were pretty sure she was ready to get violent.

She quickly informed him that she would like him to cut off all communication with any female he knows. He lets her know this isn't an option. Evelyn later tells him that that statement alone makes her want to "punch him in the mother f***ing head." Of course, this entire fight was over when Chad gave her a killer smile, said he was sorry, and told her he really wanted to f***. How romantic.

While we saw one lady fall in love, we saw another fall far, far away from anything having to do with that four-letter word. The soon-to-be divorced Jennifer Williams decides not just separate from her husband, Eric Williams, but do it with a big ole soiree. You knew the party was going to be a success when within the first five minutes, Jennifer's date already had his shirt off. And let's not forget that they ended the evening with Jenn beating the hell out of piñata that was in the shape of Eric Williams. Truly epic stuff.

But speaking of Eric, why is he still on the show? They really should just put him in the opening credits because at this point we are pretty sure he or his name has been brought up every episode this season. And he really made a statement in the finale.

This late night meet up between Jennifer and Eric seemed innocent enough. He called her "his lady" and said it was great to see her. Ok, looks like this might be going well. And out of nowhere, things go south when family and his personal funds are brought up. This leads to him stomping off and ending the evening with what else? Him throwing a drink in her face. It was a Basketball Wives first. And we hope it wasn't the last.

Next week is the reunion and if we are going to honest, we aren't sure we are even ready for it. Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman in the same room again? Yes, please.

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