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Basketball Wives' Meeka Claxton Talks LeBron James and Tami Roman

Ten episodes and two reunions later, its hard to believe that our beloved Basketball Wives has come to an end. Watching all the ladies, even Eric Williams and his teeth, had become a great start to our workweek. And while the new series, Basketball Wives LA, will do their best...
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Ten episodes and two reunions later, its hard to believe that our beloved Basketball Wives has come to an end. Watching all the ladies, even Eric Williams and his teeth, had become a great start to our workweek. And while the new series, Basketball Wives LA, will do their best to keep it up, it just won't be the same as seeing a fist fight in Midtown next to our favorite Target. And because we were having withdrawals, we did what we had to and got our girl Meeka Claxton on the phone.

Yes, we have occasionally talk some smack on Meeka. But at the end of

the day, we really do enjoy her. If you think about it, she really is

the only one on that show is actually a wife. So with the rumors that

castmate Shaunie O'Neal

had officially fired her from the show, we had to get to the bottom of

it. Well, her publicist told us we couldn't ask her about her plans for

season four. But, she did answer anything and everything else we wanted

to know about her.

New Times: The reunion seemed a little rough. What did you think of it?
Meeka Claxton: As far of the reunion, I definitely came prepared to confront Tami and possibly work things out. But I was shocked, because I didn't realize that it was going to be five against one. I was trying to figure out how this happened. I didn't remember having issues with all of these women. If anyone should be having an issue, it's me because it was me who was being called two-faced. Yet, they were doing the same thing to me. I came in not really caring about all that, but it was just confusing why all of them were so upset.

Why do you think your castmates all have Tami Roman's side?
They all want to say they have known Tami longer and are loyal to her. That's fine, I can understand that. If you have known someone for years and have history, but what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. You aren't really a great friend if you are just a "yes man" and let them think they are right when they are wrong. I am noticing that on Twitter and Facebook, her fans are saying terrible things to me and encouraging the negativity, but they are all really young. And that's the sad part. It's not a good situation if that is the influence we are having on these girls. I'm not innocent, I have done wrong in my life, but you have to stand up and say when you are wrong.

What did your husband, Speedy Claxton, think of when Tami mentioned the only reason he is a champion in the NBA is because he was traded to the right team?
He actually doesn't watch the show, but I was telling him about it because it was mentioned a lot on Twitter. I try to stay away from the negativity, but it just became so annoying. Yes, he was traded. But no one gets traded if the team doesn't believe they are going to be a great addition to the roster.  Like, LeBron James. I just feel like if you don't know the game, don't talk about it. All I know is he was on the hardwood when the game was won. Talk about me all day, but don't talk about my family.

What about what Ms. Roman said about the fact that she won't come back if you do?
I laugh every time I hear that. I am supposed to be the immature one? But when you make a comment like that, it really shows who is being mature. It is what it is. It's Tami's world, I guess.

So, you still have the lawsuit against Tami?
That people care about this is funny to me. But me doing this is to show that not everyone is going to allow you to swing on them. I keep saying that this is not the Bad Girls Club. For people to say that this was supposed to be expected, well, I thought this show was about basketball wives. It is still pending, absolutely. If Tami came to me like an adult, with no cameras and told me where she was coming from, we could move past it. This is a possibility. But she has never apologized or tried to show any kind of remorse. This is what she feels was right.

People have said that Basketball Wives hurts the stereotypes of black women. Would you agree?

have said in a few interviews, that not the entire show, but the issue

with Tami just reinforces negative stereotypes. And that is so not me

and I'm not like that. It really bothered me.

What are your thoughts of La La Vazquez's show, Full Court Life. She too is an actual basketball wife.
I haven't had a chance to watch it. I am going to purchase it on iTunes, because our cable is down because of Hurricane Irene that hit us pretty hard. But everyone keeps telling me that that is the show I need to be on. What La La is doing is exactly what I wanted to show - the lifestyle of a basketball wife. I guess there was a place for it, just not on our show.

Will you do more reality TV?
At first, I said I didn't want to because of how I felt I was being received. But now, I definitely do the real me. Like La La, that is what I wanted to show initially. That is something I would love to do.

Tell me you have had a chance to see Basketball Wives LA.
Because of the blackout, our cable has been out. But I do know a few people on there. I cant say who I know; I don't want to get myself in trouble. I don't know Kimsha Artest, Ron Artest's wife, personally, but I was supposed to work with her in LA, but they ended up renting. But that's not who I was talking about. I definitely have nothing bad to say about any of them. I hope they show them in a better light.

Well, they were already fist fighting on the first episode.
What? What the heck! I saw on Twitter that they weren't really feeling the cast, which I was surprised about. Because I know there are a lot of wives on there, but no one mentioned the fight. (She asks who was it between) Laura Govan and Malaysia? Oh, I know Malaysia. Not well, but I met her once when my husband left New Orleans and they came to New Orleans.

Lastly, any advice for becoming a basketball wife?
Go to school! I met my husband in college. My biggest tip would be is that athletes date a lot of girls, but they will not take someone seriously that isn't serious about themselves. Even if she isn't ballin', if she can take care of herself, they will like to know that she isn't using them. Oh and if you are ever at a club and you are both in VIP, send him over a bottle. He has to come over and say thanks, right?

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