Basketball Wives Episode 4: Tami Roman vs. Kesha Nichols

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Oh, how quickly the tables turn in the world of Basketball Wives. Only a month into season four, it seemed that Kenya Bell was a shoo-in for the title of Most Hated Wife, much like Meeka Claxton in season three. But we were wrong.

After last night's episode, it's looking like Kesha Nichols is the one everyone will love to hate. How did this happen so quickly? Well, the girl brought it upon herself.

Things seemed to be going strong on the anti-Kenya front from moment one. Suzie Ketcham headed over to Jennifer Williams' new pad to discuss the fate of Mrs. Bell's music career. (When we say discuss, we mean talk shit.) Suzie was psyched to tell Jen all about the fact that Kenya was attempting to produce her video with about $100, along with a bus full of people from Detroit. Oh Ketcham, how we had missed your gossiping ways. Glad to see she is back on that horse.

Later, Team Kesha was still in good standing, based on the fact that Evelyn

Lozada was a big fan of her. If you have Evelyn, you pretty much have

the entire group on your side. (That, and season tickets to New England Patriots games

via her fiancé Chad Ochocinco.) They lunched, chatted about the girls, and discussed how Kesha needs everyone to know she is a

proud black woman. Just be sure not to question her race -- as we came to

find out later.

But before shit hit the fan for Kesha, we got to see Kenya film her video. It was like an episode of MTV's Making The Video, but worse. When it came to shooting her scenes, she decided a latex bikini, dresses from Forever 21, and a bedazzled upper body were the ways to go. We would rather watch Rebecca Black's "Friday" every Friday for the rest of our lives than ever be forced to watch that hot mess again.

More ammunition for Kesha: the fact that Jennifer Williams decided to not invite the girls to her lip gloss launch party. For a moment, all eyes were on Jen and the fact she is moments away from being asked to leave the group. We, on the other hand, were more wary of Evelyn's claims that Jennifer is disloyal: "She's really smelling her own pee-pee," Evelyn said. (Um, what?)

But this lunch is where it all seems to go south for Kesha. There, Evelyn tells Tami that the comments Tami made about Kesha's race really offended her. And that, in turn, really offended Tami. She believes Evelyn is too sensitive and doesn't really appreciate her talking behind her back. Yep, she officially pissed off the wrong basketball wife. And it didn't stop there.

At Kesha's charity event for the National Brain Tumor Society, she came over to the girls and announced that they needed to "take this event seriously" and to please be on their best behavior. Saying this to a group of women who love public brawls doesn't seem out of line, but man, did this upset the group. And this brings us to the scene where Team We Hate Kesha really began.

The ladies decided to have a last supper of sorts before heading back to Miami. But before the waiter can make it over to the table, Evelyn asked Tami and Kesha to work out their differences. And by "work it out," she of course meant for Tami to verbally assault Kesha, ending her rant by calling her a "bitch, bitch, and more bitch." Then, Tami reminded the group of what Kesha had said to them at her charity event. "Honestly, I was really on your mother-f--king team till today. I really was. And I'm ready to go," said Evelyn as she walked out the door.

Where was Kenya during all of this? Oh, enjoying every moment.

We will have to wait and see if Kesha remains this season's Meeka Claxton. At least the bashing will continue in our neck of the woods. As of next week, the wives are back in the 305.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.