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Basketball Wives Episode 2: Team Tami or Team Evelyn?

Thought last week of Basketball Wives was good? Episode two didn't disappoint either. When we spoke to Jennifer Williams a few months back, we got the feeling she and Evelyn Lozada were growing apart.

Last night's episode proved that might indeed be true. Jennifer can't really take her friend seriously after Eve makes T-shirts about sleeping with another friends ex-husband, right? Like mama always said, you are who you hangout with.

And yeah, it's official: Royce Reed HATES Evelyn and we think it's mutual. Here is a statement that pretty much confirms it, "I don't want to judge, but I'm judging and Evelyn's a hoe."  But those two ladies hating one another does mean one thing for Suzie Ketcham: There is a good chance everyone will forget they once despised you.

Then there's Meeka, Meeka, Meeka. We aren't sure what to think of Mrs. Claxton yet. We mean, we chatted with her last week and genuinely enjoyed her, but she seems to have a few qualities that might bother others: lots of talking and it usually includes shit about the other ladies. 

But when Tami Roman said she thought she was a trouble maker, we have to agree. To say she is playing both sides is an understatement. Watching her friendship with the gals is like watching a four year old play soccer and they don't know what team they are on. Learn your jersey color, girl!


And finally, World War III came to an end! Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but so is this show. To see Evelyn and Suzie sit down together was.... shocking. We haven't seen them have a conversation that hasn't ending with a "f*** you" or a tantrum-like walk out in what seems like years. 

We can't help but think maybe Suzie is trying to get some more air time, but hey, maybe not. When will see them exchange BFF bracelets? Or will a physical altercation come first?

Watch out boys, Jennifer is officially back on the market. While it was sad to watch her file for divorce (she did look fierce while doing it, right?) we're glad to see Evelyn pushing her in the right direction about dating.

Online dating didn't go so well for her -- probably because the web site looked cheaper than, which is hard to do. Maybe she should pull an Evelyn and do her best to put her Twitter account to use. Or she could just head to a Heat game. 

Hurricane Tami is also back. When we didn't see a drunken Tami rant in episode one, we wondered if they would be gone for good. Glad to see they are back and boozier than ever!  Why we love her is because she literally has no shame while drinking a beer in a formal dress at a club opening. 

But why we really enjoy her on this program: bitch loves to start shit. Want to clear the air about drama? Well, how about you bring the rumors out on the table in front of the two ladies who they are about, much like she did at her lunch that included Royce and Meeka. Yeah, it was awkward.


But before we leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for week three of Basketball Wives, can we just say how much we loved that Jennifer's naked photos made a comeback? Oh, VH1.

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