Bad Girls Club's Kristen Guinane Talks Lea Beaulieu, Playboy, and Fake Friends

Kristen Guinane
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Miami Beachers really didn't know what was going to hit them this summer:

Jersey Shore

, the Kardashians, and our personal favorite, the

Bad Girls Club



might have moved their series from L.A. to the Magic City, but they definitely didn't move the


out of the

Bad Girls


And as our favorite season comes to a close, we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk to "blondie" AKA Kristen Guinane. She told us why bad girls drink so much, all about her friendship with Lea Beaulieu as well as her Playboy aspirations.

New Times: How did you end up on the Bad Girls Club?

Kristen Guinane: I was at my friend's house and she was like, "Have you seen the show the Bad Girls Club? It's about these girls that do pretty much what we do. They party, they get a limo, meet guys," and I was like, "Wow, that sounds like so much fun." So I sent an email to Oxygen saying, "Hi, my name is Kristen. I have been in beauty pageants my whole life. I'm not your typical bad girl, because I'm not crazy and I'm not a fighter, but I love to have a good time." They told me they had already done the interviews for my area, but I went in, they interviewed me and loved me, called me everyday and then I got on a show. All it took was an email.

So you're originally from Boston. Where are you living these days?

I live in L.A. now. I just moved back two months ago from Boston. It's a funny story. I moved back here and I was supposed to stay with a friend until I found my place. Then, because of drama, I ended up having to find a new place and I found these crazy roommates off Craigslist. I ended up sleeping with my beautiful guy roommate. I didn't want a relationship, but he went crazy. He was like, "I want to be with you" -- know this man is 30 years old, doesn't have a job, and drives a mustang from 1997 with a tape player. He lost his mind. I had to move -- just moved into the Hollywood Hills.

You have lived with a lot of crazy broads in your life. I can imagine it can't get much worse.

I know the girls on the show look crazy, but I went to boarding school most of my life, so I have already lived with the craziest girls. A lot of girls from high school have emailed me and told me, "Oh, our school was great training wheels for that show."

I have to know. What do your parents think of you being on the show?

My mother watches the show. I was actually in Florida when I got the call that I got on the show. They were both like, "Well, congratulations. Please don't do anything embarrassing."  Neither of them told me not to do it, but they really just wanted to know how much I got paid.

And their thoughts so far?

My father sees it as a stepping stone for my career. My mother watches it every week. She calls me every Tuesday and is like, "Am I'm going to happy today? Mad today? Angry today?" And she actually found out about my first tattoo on my butt from the show -- that was kind of a shock. And she was like, "Why are you drinking so much?" because I was pretty much drinking the entire season. I really don't drink that much in real life -- maybe once a weekend.

Everyone thinks you guys are alcoholics, but I mean, you weren't working. What else would you be doing?

Exactly. We're not driving anywhere either! That was my mom's biggest concern, because she saw me drinking like everyday. But we weren't driving, because honestly only two of us could drive. We only drove when we had too--but other than that we would take the limo.

There were seven of you--only three of you could drive?

Lea, myself, and Danielle were the only ones that could drive. Everyone else's licenses were messed up for different reasons.

Did you like living in Miami?

Yeah, I liked it. But the men all seemed homosexual. It was like Jersey Shore had invaded. And there was so many guido-looking men.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about you ladies?

The biggest misconception is that we all think we're hot or all this because were on TV. I could care less about how people look. I think it's crazy that I get hit up on Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. People talk shit like "You're fat" or fake or this but we didn't ask for anyone's opinions.

Are you and the ladies still friends?

I'm friends with

some of the girls. I think that after the show a lot of the girls that

weren't friends are now friends. In my opinion, that is really fake.

They know that they need to latch on to someone. Erica is now licking

Lea's ass and Lea is licking Ercia's ass and Kayleigh's ass and they

don't even like each other. They just want to have friends off this

season because it will get them more publicity. Kat, Morgan, and myself

-- we have done some promos and were on the same level. We all are

independent, strong women. We're going to make our own paychecks, make

club appearances, but don't suck up to each other, we just are who we

are.  All the other girls, except us three, are fake as fuck because

they feel they have to be together and have to remain close.  To me, I

don't need to be fake or friends with anyone.

On the show, it seems that Lea has changed since you two have become friends. Is that true?

I have friends of all types. All of my friends don't look like me. I have ghetto girlfriends, black/white girlfriends, I have Asian girlfriends, friends that are tatted up like Lea. I don't judge people. I look at people's personalities. And Lea definitely judges people, she even said to me that she was so glad she got to know me. I never thought that we would be as close as we were at some points, like what your seeing now, but I'm happy that we were. I think Lea is a great person--she has a lot of good qualities. When it was all of us in the house, like what you're seeing now, if Lea wouldn't have been there I would have been miserable.

Do you think she changed hanging out with you?

I think she was more free to be herself. I'm very non-judgmental when it comes to my friends. When Lea was with me, it maybe brought out a side of her that  usually she would try to hide, being more girly. But Lea always wore heels. I think they edit things to look a certain way. I feel like now, she dressed very pin-up-y, which she was never like that. I think because on Oxygen boards people are like, "Oh - I like that girl because she looks pin-up-y." Now that she knows that, she is trying to be more pin-up-y. She was never like that. She definitely has changed, but after the show, it wasn't that extreme. They maybe just needed a story line.  

So the Lea and Danielle hook-up. What were your thoughts when that was happening?

I was so belligerently, blacked-out drunk when that happened. I didn't remember it till the next morning. I went into Brandy and Lea's room and they were like, "Remember when Lea hooked up with Danielle last night?" I didn't remember it at all. I actually made fun of Lea for it. I would be like, "Lea, think about it like this: At least I didn't hook up with Danielle," if I did something stupid.

A lot of people seemed to have a problem with the fact that it was Danielle she was hooking up with.

I think Danielle is a whore. I think she has a lot of emotional issues. Danielle hooked up with people to such a degree that I didn't even know who she was hooking up with. Like the episode where she hooked up with Lea, like right after some dude came over and she hooked up with him. I never even saw that guy. He was in and out so quickly.  I was scared for Lea. I was like, "You need to go get tested." She's a slut and will hook up with anyone. I was more scared that Lea would get a disease, rather than being grossed out. Everyone can do what they want--but if I was going to hook up with a girl, it definitely wouldn't be Danielle.

You're really fun when you're upset. You love to break shit.

I have to agree. You never know how it's going to turn out or how you're going to look. You think it's going to look one way, but in Jamaica when I was screaming at Kayleigh, I was like hey, I don't look that bad. Because in my mind, I thought I looked like a nut bag.

Were you the most glad to see Danielle leave the house out of all the roommates who have left?

When Danielle left, I didn't really care. With Erica, people thought she really must have done something to make me hate her. But it's just that Erica is probably the most selfish person I have ever met in my life. Erica made Danielle sleep on the couch because she didn't like that Danielle would cough at night. I had to get her up several times and tell her to sleep in my room because we had a bed available. Danielle's last night in the house, Erica was with some stupid guy she just met instead of her friend. Erica would talk a lot of shit about Danielle--everywhere we went, I wouldn't even talk to her, she would just talk shit about Danielle and I would just listen because I really don't like Erica. I found that Erica was so fake.

Why do you think Danielle decided to leave?

It was really serious--she really didn't have money for food. Every single person in the house would have to go out and buy her food. I would make her dinner on a daily basis because she didn't have money for food. I'm not sure what she would do with the money she made in the house but she never had money. It wasn't like, "Oh I don't have money to go get drinks," it was food. When she left, it was a serious situation because she had to go because she couldn't support herself. I wasn't happy when she left. It didn't affect me.

Are you glad you did the show?

I'm definitely glad I did it. So many things in my life will change because of it. One of my best friends was recently like, "Oh, you think you're better than me because you were on a TV show," which was hard. I'm exactly the same person. I didn't realize things would change like they did. I don't regret doing it because of the opportunities that will come from it. I would love to be on the cover of Playboy, maybe be a TV or radio host, clothing line, pet clothing line. I think being on the show will help me do that. There really isn't anything I honestly regret.

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