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Bad Girls Club's Christina Talks Her 4.0 GPA and Jersey Shore Neighbors

All season long, we've watched the ladies of the Bad Girls Club Miami drop like flies. First, it was Morgan who bit the dust. And slowly but surely, four other original castmates have followed a similar fate. The house received three other ladies to fill their places, and only two have been able to see it through. Our newest interview, Christina, is one of them.

She has orange skin, a terrific accent, and an attitude. She's kind of like a much larger Snooki (who's one serious nugget). And when we sat down to chat with Christina, there were some shockers --  she's earning a 4.0 in college and not surprisingly, she isn't a fan of any of the other ladies in the house. 

New Times: We saw on that you're graduating with a 4.0 this year from the College of Staten Island.

Yes, I am. My major is psychology with a minor in Spanish.

You come from Staten Island, which is also the home of Angelina and Vinny of the
Jersey Shore. What are your thoughts on them?

I definitely know of them, but I have never met them or run into them.  We have similar friends.

Do you think they represent Staten Island well?

I don't think they do. I think they do show how fun it is to go out and party, because that is what a lot of people our age do. But Angelina really didn't represent Staten Island girls. I think they are a lot more strong, like I am.

Were you bummed to be a replacement and not an original castmate?

I was really excited just to be on the show. I enjoyed being a replacement. I was glad not to be an original girl. Being a replacement gave me a time to shine and I definitely stood out from the other girls. I wanted to be an individual.

In our interview with Kristen, she said she didn't love Miami too much. What about you?

I'm pretty easy. I can have fun wherever I go out. I really liked the club Love Hate and their gay night.

How did you feel about the nickname Agent Orange that was given to you by Oxygen?

Agent Orange was funny. I know I go tanning a lot. I work at a tanning salon. I knew going on the show that I was going to get slammed for being so tan and being a Jersey Shore type girl, so I knew it was coming. But that's who I am, so I can't say too much about it. I knew I would get that stereotype.

On your first episode, the girls left you behind when going out, including fellow newbie Ashley. Were you surprised how fast she jumped ship?

I wasn't that surprised. I know a lot of girls aren't that strong and they are afraid to get outcast. So it's something I did expect, especially living in an environment with all girls. I knew none of the girls were going to be as strong as I am, so I wasn't shocked to see her switch sides.

Were you more mad or upset?

I knew they were going to be bitches to me. But, I was definitely pissed. I was more mad about the other girls that just followed them, that were fake and followers, and were afraid to go against the grain. At the end of the day, I didn't want to hang out with them anyways. So I just did my own thing.

I thought you and Brandi were going to hit it off, especially both being Team Lesbian. Were you pissed when she went out without you as well?

I wasn't surprised. They will listen to anyone who they think is in charge. But with Brandi, I was surprised. Brandi just snuck out, but you have to expect that with girls.

Speaking of lesbian, do you think Lea is one?

She might be! I have seen a lot of girl action that she got in the house, more than guy action.

You're a pretty tough cookie. Where does that come from?

I think it's the Staten Island thing--we're tough mentally. My mom is a really strong woman--she raised me to be a strong and independent woman. She taught me to never let anyone get the best of me.

We saw you and your girlfriend on last week's episode. Are you guys still together?

Right now we are working on things. Not really. Going through a situation like this is a really hard thing; it's a huge wear and tear on a relationship. It's one day at a time.
I am an open person, but for her it was something way different to have her whole life out there.

You ladies do a lot of drinking on the show. Was it hard to watch yourself that drunk? Like your infamous trying to take a sip of OJ incident?

It definitely was--my friends kept watching it over and over. You don't realize when your drinking and partying, and then the cameras are you on--you kinda forget. When I watched it, it's like seeing myself for the first time. I'm like, "Oh God, that is what I really look like?" It just something that happened--to me, its funny. I'm 22, I'm just having fun.

The You v. Kristen and Lea fight was pretty intense. What were you thinking through the whole thing?

I was just confused. During most of it, I was laughing. It was a joke to me.  I thought they were pathetic bullies. At the end of the day, I knew I was going to win the battle.

Any regret for throwing the bleach?

I don't regret throwing the bleach. It was definitely worth it because it stopped.

A lot of Lea's fans think she has changed throughout the season. Do you?

I didn't know her in the beginning, but from what the other girls have told me, maybe. Her included, just follow each other--what one does, everybody does. But I can see how the viewer sees that point of view.

We follow you on Twitter. It's pretty obvious you and Erica don't get along.

She started tweeting all of this stuff about me. I wake up, and read my tweets and I see Erica saying, "Everyone needs to know the truth about Christina." You know what? It's nonsense. The show is over. It's a lot of jealously. I think they wish they could go back and be stronger. I think they look at me and wish they could maybe stand their ground as much as I did.

Have you stayed in touch with any of the girls?

No one really. It's hard to be friends with anyone after you see them on TV doing things.  People and friends are bonded, broken, bonded, and broken over and over again. I think the dynamic in the house was shady consistently. I didn't want to be a part of it, so I tried to stay by myself. You want to be my friend? Be a true friend, don't be fake.

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