Bad Girls Club Miami's Lea Beaulieu Starts Some Rumors

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We reality show junkies have had an amazing summer. All the Real Housewives hoochies have kept it botoxed and dirty while those orange guidos from Jersey Shore have been a holy gift from baby Jesus himself. Here in the 305, though, our new fave is Bad Girls Club Miami.

Now, even with the amount of shit we here at Cultist talk about the girls of the Club, the only Miamian still left in the house, badass Lea Beaulieu, sat down to spill the beans, sell her secrets, and start some rumors.

New Times: How did you end up on the Bad Girls Club?

Lea Beaulieu: It's a funny story - I was working at Salvation Tattoo on Washington Avenue and someone called to say they were casting and if they knew anyone who would be good for the Bad Girls Club? My coworker said that I would be perfect and then I got an email from them, wrote them back with a bio and a photo and next thing I knew I was being flown out to LA for finals and now I am on the Bad Girls Club.

Were you worried about how you would be portrayed when you were first cast on the show?

It was overwhelming at first. But then you move into an $8 million dollar mansion on the bay and you just have to know it's going to be an amazing experience. I never really wanted to be on TV, but it was definitely something to take off my bucket list, you know?

Our Twitter followers were asking, what were you thinking bringing the girls to the Vagabond on Tuesday's episode?

I just knew I was not going to not be myself inside this house, so this is my life, this is where I party, these are my friends and we're going to get in a fight no matter where we go. So regardless of where we are, it's gonna happen no matter what because of our entourage.

Did you literally get in fights wherever you went out?

Yes, we did. I understand that we're coming into your spot and you don't want cameras there, but honestly ... Leave! It's not like we're there every night. And it was hard because I live here, you know? If they had a problem, shit was going to go down and it clearly did.

Are you and the ladies still friends?

Right after the show, I went out to Long Beach for a tattoo convention and I stayed with Erica and I visited Brandi and someone you haven't met yet. It was nice. We all keep in touch.

So, we get a new bad girl, huh?

Aren't you excited? I was so glad to kick Morgan out of the house. I thought it was a bad way they did it, but it was a my-way-or-the-highway situation. And they got their way and she was gone.

How long was she actually on the show?

We kicked her out day three. No joke, that broad was out day three. She was gone! We handled her shit for exactly 72 hours. And my whole thing was -- if everyday you are like, "Blah blah blah, I want to go home," then why are you crying when you're going home?

Do you think Morgan embarrassed the ladies of Miami?

It made me want to vomit. I don't know what part of Miami she lives in, but that's not Miami girls at all. There are parts of Miami that are superficial, of course, but it isn't only about being superficial. We have such a large punk scene now and just great local spots in general to go, and for her to be represented as a "Miami girl" was insane.

So I take it you and Morgan didn't have much in common as Miami girls?

She is from Connecticut! I don't know who she is or what she is doing here, really. Don't get me wrong, I have been here for about seven years, but I am from the beach. Yes, I go to Churchills and stuff a lot. But I am at Louis and SET. I am all over the scene and I have never seen her once in my life. She can't really say she is from Miami.

Wait ... Morgan is from Connecticut?

Yes! She has maybe lived in Miami for a year now. But prior to that she was just visiting and stuff. She is only 21 and technically she is from Connecticut. She hated on all the girls from the East coast, but she is one.

So, on the show you were dating two guys. What is your status now?

It's complicated, but I am very single. I am very happy for that. I have had mistakes. I have dated the wrong people, but I am only 23. It feels good to be by myself and live by myself and just be an adult who is on her own for the first time. It's really refreshing.

How is it to live in a house with seven crazy girls for two months?

That shit is crazy. You're put into this house with girls from all over the country, who you have nothing in common with and you add some Jack Daniels and Grey Goose. They take out all iPods, cell phones, and most forms of communication. And it's the Bad Girls Club. It's insane. You love each other one day, the next you hate each other, and then the next you're hooking up. It's prison with beautiful furniture and lots of booze.

It's a lot like a sweet house arrest.

What do your parents think of the show?

My dad can't watch it. He's and old school, traditional redneck dude and he was in the Vietnam war. And then my mom is this old Brazilian woman who is very Catholic. My parents aren't disappointed, but its not the Good Girls Club, so they aren't really looking forward to watching it.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.