Letters from the Issue of December 13, 2007

Thanks for the Tip

Danny is not to be missed: It has been many years since I attended the theater, but Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, reviewed by Brandon K. Thorp in "Soul Porn" (December 6), was about the best reintroduction I could have experienced. My wife and I were drawn into the action immediately. Travis Reiff was extraordinary in the role of Danny. The realism and intensity that both actors brought to the part was absolutely mesmerizing. This play is highly recommended!

Eliot Kopp


Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Via Web commentary

Bocelli Rocks

And so do we: Thanks for giving Andrea Bocelli such a positive review in your December 6 "Rotations" (Andrés Solar). For those of us who have been his avid fans since the mid-Nineties and have often traveled cross-country to see Bocelli, it was a treat to see him so recognized. I suggest that Mr. Solar listen to the CD Amore rather than Amor, which is the Spanish version. Perhaps he will like it better. I do. I certainly wish I could make the trip to the Hard Rock. I hope Andrea does a great job.

Barbara Baker

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Or so we thought: The review about Andrea Bocelli by Andrés Solar should be tossed into the garbage can. And that's what I did. He is an idiot.

Nellie Smith

New York, New York

Shedding Light

And helping to write: After moving to Miami from Alabama one year ago, I was immediately introduced to the many cultures South Florida has to offer. I was introduced to — along with the food, music, and language — the unfair and inconsistent treatment of Haitian immigrants. Janine Zeitlin's article "Washed Up" (November 29) was very insightful. I used several points from the article as a reference for a paper about immigration for my multicultural psychology class. I commend Miami New Times and Ms. Zeitlin for being brave enough to bring to light a story that the media would rather we forget.

It is time that the United States is held accountable for its discriminatory immigration policies, and make a change.

April Scott

North Miami Beach

Lessons Learned

Patrick Williams was persecuted for seeking the truth: Cassius Clay, Mahatma Ghandi, and Nelson Mandela all struck a chord for their humane, indomitable natures. Similarly Patrick Williams ("Students Get the Shuffle," by Francisco Alvarado, November 29) faces persecution for his convictions. A decorated and renowned linguistic educator, philosopher, musician, artist, consultant, and lifelong student of academia, Williams is concerned only with an individual's ability to think critically. As a teacher and a role model, Williams encourages students to ask questions. It is an intellectual right to do so, and it is through questioning that we begin the necessary discourse for determining truth.

Webber J. Charles

Via Web commentary

It's not that bad: Regarding "Students Get the Shuffle": Unfortunately I was interviewed days before the arrival of the replacement for Patrick Williams, and I didn't have the time to comment on how my class has changed since then. We are now learning a lot, for which we are thankful to the administration of Turner Tech. Our new teacher is a great man who is trying his best, and I don't think it's fair to get him involved in the issue. Mr. Williams, as I mentioned in the article, you are a great person and an extraordinary teacher I strongly admire. It's unfortunate you have to go through all you're going through right now, and I hope you will be back at Turner Tech someday. On the other hand, I take this opportunity to apologize to Valmarie Rhoden, because I had judged her without knowing who she really is. She doesn't appear to be the "monster" many people had portrayed, and most of us don't know exactly what happened, so I ask the readers to take these points into consideration before judging her. Mr. Williams, we miss you, and good luck.

Natalia Piñeda

Via Web commentary

Fake Patriot

He's a sham: What is Ricardo Guanipa doing among the true Venezuelan patriots ("Haven and Hell," by Janine Zeitlin, November 29)? He came to this country long before Chávez assumed power. Guanipa has never done one thing to damage Chávez. On the contrary — he has helped the regime in many ways. Besides, there is not one Venezuelan in Miami who Guanipa hasn't insulted. In the future, you have to be more careful who you interview, because in Miami everybody knows who is who. Guanipa pulled your leg telling you all those stories. Ask around to see who he is. He is not even a journalist, although he says he is. It is a disgrace to place this person in the same article with other Venezuelans who have true stories to tell. Ricardo Guanipa? My God! Miami New Times has gone wild!

Manuel Diaz

Via Web commentary

Meat I Don't Want to Eat

Help!: I read with interest Lee Klein's "Eat Shit and Die" (November 22). How can I, as a consumer, know that the meat and poultry I am eating is not being fed animal feces? Thanks!

Kathy Sarmiento


Lee Klein responds: In order to get USDA organic classification, meat and poultry processors must show that their products have not consumed feces-tainted feed. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing.

Big Winners

Three Miami New Times writers took first place in the 2007 Florida Awards of Excellence, which were announced last week. Staff writer Isaiah Thompson won in business writing, Our Woman in Havana (an unnamed reporter) took top honors in general reporting, and editor Chuck Strouse was first in serious column writing. All were in the nondaily division.

Copyeditor Needed

New Times is seeking a temporary copyeditor in Fort Lauderdale. The ideal candidate must have excellent copyediting skills, as well as the ability to work steadily and efficiently under deadline pressure. Layout experience is preferred. Top candidates will be given a rigorous copyediting test.

Send cover letter and resumé to Robert Meyerowitz, New Times Broward-Palm Beach, 16 NE Fourth St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301; robert.meyerowitz@browardpalmbeach.com. No phone calls, please.


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