Fadenfest Brings Trick Daddy, Otto von Schirach, Punk Rock to Wynwood

Move over, magic clowns, because Trick Daddy Dollars is about to take over the birthday game.

True Miami boy and avid music lover Eric Faden is turning 24. That’s why on Friday, April 10, he will be turning Wynwood’s LMNT into a 305 free-for-all of music, food, and entertainment.

There are gonna be three stages starring bands, DJs, rappers, and musicians of all kinds, headlined by none other than Miami Mayor Trick Daddy and the Magic City's legendarily tripped-out bass weirdo, Otto von Schirach. Technically, it’s a party in Faden’s honor, but he’s really doing it for you.

He grew up a snot-nosed punk rocker. At 14, he was moshing at Churchill’s Pub for every all-ages show. Of course, though, any kid raised in Dade County is gonna be bangin’ Slip-N-Slide anthems too. So between hardcore shows, Faden was bumping booty music and hip-hop classics.

Through the years, he also discovered Miami’s reggae, indie rock, ambient, and dance. But it always seemed strange to Faden that club and show promoters didn’t book wildly eclectic bills that reflected the 305’s polymorphous music scene. Thus, Fadenfest was born.
“I really hate how everything in Miami is so sectioned off and segregated. We have all these good artists across the board of all genres,” Faden says. “The goal is to give Miami something to do and to force people to check out stuff that’s not necessarily in their comfort zone.”

For the past five or six years, Faden has packed as many bands, DJs, rappers, and partiers as he could into some house or Hialeah farm. This year, it’s time to go pro. So he nabbed the spot at LMNT and stacked the bill with a lineup that includes hip-hop, Miami bass, punk, hardcore, chillwave, funk, reggae, and some serious 305 star power.

“Trick Daddy is the most Miami person I could think of,” Faden says. “And Otto is such a good representation of what I’m trying to do. On one of his albums, every song is a different genre of music.”

But a party isn’t a party unless people come out. So the birthday boy is keeping ticket prices low. A Fadenfest pass only costs $17 presale or $20 at the door. That way, everyone can afford a good time.

“He’s a cool dude,” von Schirach says. “He’s not in it to make money and shit. He just wants to throw a good party.”

"If you think it’s over the top, then it’s probably not enough."

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For his part, Otto is set to play some new tracks, including a recent collaboration with Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew. He’s also enlisted his entire clique to don every costume that he’s got stashed in the infamous von Schirach closet, as well as others that have never been debuted.

“The whole Bermuda triangle crew is going to be there,” he says. “We’re going to open up a porthole sound barrier and give good energy to Wynwood at LMNT, baby.”

“That’s the type of vibe I’m going for, just a whole lot of everything,” Faden says, “The artists ask me, ‘Should I have outside performers?’ I told them, ‘Just do everything extra. If you think it’s over-the-top, then it’s probably not enough.'”

Besides music, there will be tons of food and merch vendors, including a spot with sex toys, because it’s that kind of party. Expect a twerking contest for those inspired by the bass. And a punk band if booty clapping ain't your thing.

“It’s our mini Lollapalooza or Coachella or something. It has everything from all across the spectrum,” von Schirach says. “It’s going to be cool. I hope a lot of Trick’s fans come, and I hope a lot of my fans come. I hope the whole crew comes out.”

Fadenfest. With Trick Daddy, Otto von Schirach, Nunhex, Sandratz, Gun Hoes, and others. 8 p.m. Friday, April 10, at LMNT, 59 NW 36 St., Miami; 305-572-9007; Tickets cost $17 plus fees via or $20 at the door. Ages 18 and up.
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