Jelly Belly at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center through October 2

Winner of several accolades, including the NBC New Voices Award, Jelly Belly is a provocative play about the gangsta life and one man caught in the path of its tornado. After serving time in the joint, a kingpin known as Jelly Belly returns to claim his spot as head honcho in the neighborhood he once ruled. He finds that his number one drug runner, Kenny, has gone straight and is happily living the life of a legit citizen. But when Jelly Belly swings his influence and comes around with promises of getting back to the good old days when it rained cash, women, and power, Kenny is caught in a bind. He must decide whether to continue living life as a reformed criminal working a legitimate job with his newfound friends, or go back to living the thug life — pushing drugs and taunting the law with old pal Jelly Belly. It's an honest look at what many young African-American men must confront when faced with the prospect of being a workingman or living the seemingly easy and accessible life of a gangster.


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