Zagat Releases Survey Results Tracking Miami Dining Trends

Ever wonder how you stack up against your fellow foodies? Zagat has just released a whole host of juicy data and food-related tidbits about Miamians, and the results are pretty telling.

The info is the result of a recent dining trends survey. The Zagat team (partnered with Google) questioned local eaters on their favorite spots, their biggest irritants and that controversial question -- is it ok to eat and Tweet? See results after the jump.

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According to the study, the top five Miami restaurants by food ranking are NAOE, Palme d'Or, Zuma, the Palm and Il Gabbiano. The top five most popular are Joe's Stone Crab, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, Prime One Twelve, Michy's and Il Gabbiano.

Il Gabbiano's spot on both lists makes sense considering Italian ranked as Miamian's favorite cuisine, followed by American, seafood and French.

Not surprisingly, Miamians eat out for dinner more than the national average -- and they spend more. The average spend is $43.82, vs. the $40.53 national average, and we eat out for dinner 2.7 times per week, vs. the national average of 2.3 meals/week.

Also, we're not into noise. 28% said that noise level was their top irritation when dining out, which is just above the national average of 27%. We're also not a fan of people texting, e-mailing, Tweeting, or talking on their phones at restaurant, to the tune of 63% calling it "rude and inappropriate." This strikes us as somewhat ironic, considering how many people engage in exactly those behaviors. But whatevs.

Read Zagat's 2014 dining survey results here.

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