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Wet Willie's Now Offers Sugar-Free Call a Cab Cocktail

Wet Willie's is a South Beach institution. Hell, the booze-infused slushies can make even the boiling sun tolerable. But they also pack a lot of calories. That's not exactly conducive to a bikini bod.

But gym buffs can now rejoice. The Ocean Drive establishment has just introduced a sugar-free version of its most potent drink, the Call a Cab.

This might just be the new unofficial cocktail of SoBe living.

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They already have one sugar-free (and carb-free) option: the Naked Willie. It's an orangey flavor, one that brings down calorie counts when mixed with other flavors.

The original Call a Cab is made with Diesel 153-proof grain alcohol, rum, and cherry and strawberry flavorings. (Its name offers some apt advice.)

Due to frequent requests for a sugar-free option, the crew had been working with a Miami chemist to develop low-cal drinks.

"We have a company that takes care of all our flavors. They've been working on doing the sugar-free one," says Julie Rissiotis, a manager at Wet Willie's. "The new concoction will eventually be shipped out to other Wet Willie's locations, as well.

"Everything's the same. It just doesn't have as many calories, so if you're conscious about that, then there you go!" Rissiotis adds.

The best part of Wet Willie's is trying all the wild and wacky flavor combos. Now you can get creative without packing on the calories.

From here on out, weekends on the beach will be a bit easier on the waistline.

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